In Conversation – Sharon White with Julie Etchingham

18/09/19 Reverse order Timestamp format

  1. Sharon White joins the panel for her last Cambridge outing as @Ofcom's CEO, with @julieetchitv #RTSCambridge
  2. Sharon White, CEO at @Ofcom: Although there is intent from the leadership of broadcasters, we are not doing enough to have more representation in TV #RTSCambridge
  3. #RTSCambridge diversity starts the conversation. And the third report being published today. Sharon White says ‘the picture is clear’
  4. Sharon White: If we see representation as a tick box exercise we might as well shut up shop #RTSCambridge
  5. Sharon White: An issue with collecting data from broadcasters about their workforces is due to many of their employees being freelance #RTSCambridge
  6. Sharon White: There should be a huge drive from content creators for wider representation in TV in order to avoid losing engagement from audiences #RTSCambridge
  7. Sharon White: PSB news is an important element of our democracy and continues to be a highly trusted source of information #RTSCambridge
  8. Sharon White: It's made us a better regulator by making the BBC part of the broadcasting duties #RTSCambridge
  9. #RTSCambridge Sharon White: the public go to Twitter for breaking news. But then they go to the broadcast news channels to check it out to see if it’s true. PSB news is hugely trusted by the public.
  10. Sharon White: I'm not sure the @BBC has comes to terms with having an external regulator #RTSCambridge
  11. Sharon White: Younger audiences are bypassing BBC online content because the broadcaster’s presence is not strong enough online #RTSCambridge