Lions take on Owls

17/08/19 Reverse order Timestamp format

  1. Hello and welcome to the build-up and later live updates as Millwall take on Sheffield Wednesday at The Den.

    We named our predicted line-up in our preview ( but we're also thinking it could potentially be something like this, which would be pretty exciting.

    4-4-1-1: Bialkowski; McCarthy, Pearce, Cooper, M Wallace; Mahoney, Thompson, Leonard, Skalak; J Wallace; Bradshaw.

  2. Here's Owls boss Lee Bullen on facing the Den atmosphere today:

    It is what it is, you deal with it and we know what we’re going to come up against on that front.

    I think the substitutes like warming up on the side of the pitch, there are usually some pretty choice words shouted there, but you expect that.

    Big Atdhe [Nuhiu] and Boydy [George Boyd] got plenty last year, but if you’re warming up on the side of the pitch with a ponytail then quite often you’re a target!

    They’re supporters that are just desperate for their team to have success, just like our supporters are and they’re quite vociferous in their comments, but it’s all fun and games.

    I’m sure I’ll get a little bit as well. They’ve got a reputation for a reason but a lot of it is tongue in cheek. We’ll handle it.

  3. And Wednesday striker Steven Fletcher on The Den:

    I have only been down there once. It was a Tuesday night, freezing cold, the pitch wasn’t the best. It wasn’t a good experience.

    We have started well, a lot of confidence, so hopefully we can take that into the weekend.

  4. Two international call-ups for the Lions yesterday:

    🇨🇿 In addition to @AidenObrien22, #Millwall's @jiri_skalak has also received a Czech Republic call-up...
  5. Here's today's match programme:

  6. MILLWALL TEAM TO PLAY SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY: Bialkowski; Romeo, Pearce, Cooper, M Wallace; J Wallace, Thompson, Williams, Mahoney; O'Brien; Smith.

  7. MILLWALL SUBS: Steele, Hutchinson, Bradshaw, Ferguson, Leonard, Bodvarsson, Skalak.

  8. That's nine changes from midweek, 10 of the same players that started on the opening day against Preston.

  9. Here's the Wednesday side:

  10. Here's Lucas Ball looking ahead to today (before the team came out):

  11. Ten minutes to kick-off, any predictions? I’ll go 2-1 to #Millwall
  12. @JKelly1882 Said 2-1 Millwall somewhere else and will stick with that
  13. Mahoney takes, flicked on by Pearce but headed away and cleared. #Millwall
  14. O'Brien on to Smith who's about to shoot but he's offside. #Millwall
  15. Mahoney and Wallace have switched flanks, Wallace on the left now. #Millwall
  16. Three or four long balls from Cooper so far, #Millwall not getting anything off them.
  17. Smith releases O'Brien down the right, he finds Mahoney but the winger's cross goes over Murray Wallace's head and wide. #Millwall
  18. Danger in the #Millwall box but the offside flag is up.
  19. Now Smith is fouled wide on the right. Mahoney to whip it in... #Millwall
  20. Mahoney curls it in on top of Westwood who punches it away but he was fouled anyway. #Millwall
  21. Owls counter, Harris crosses but Cooper reads it and heads away. #Millwall
  22. Poor corner but Owls still putting on the pressure. #Millwall
  23. Now Palmer shoots and Bart saves for a corner. #Millwall
  24. It's Harris again on the left and that wasn't far away from creeping int. #Millwall
  25. Such a dangerous one in and the ball is bouncing around the box before the linesman spots something. #Millwall free-kick.
  26. Woah, Reach sees Bart off his line from 35 yards and the ball just clears the crossbar. #Millwall
  27. It's Reach again from distance but this time he drags it well wide. #Millwall
  28. #Millwall have a corner but Williams has to wait as Fletcher is down.
  29. Williams' corner clears everyone but Jed crosses from the right and it's another #Millwall corner.
  30. Thommo out right to Jed but the winger's cross is too close to Westwood. #Millwall
  31. Clever from Mahoney to earn a corner off Iorfa. #Millwall
  32. It's in to Williams at the near post and he swings and misses, back out to Mahoney who gets another corner. #Millwall
  33. Mahoney deep to the back post and Westwood comes for it but misjudges, and Smith powers a downward header home. #Millwall
  35. Game stopped as Fletcher got treatment for a head injury, but we're back up and running. #Millwall
  36. Another Owls player goes down and the visiting players want action taken. #Millwall
  37. Mahoney on the right of midfield for #Millwall, O'Brien on the left and Smith now the lone striker.
  38. Three minutes added - #Millwall 1-0 Owls Lions down to ten men after Jed's straight red.
  39. Very good save from Bart to deny Murphy. Keeper stays down...but he gives the thumbs-up. #Millwall
  40. #Millwall really narrow in defence now, they're going to give the Owls space out wide and then try to defend anything that comes in.
  41. #Millwall want red! Palmer goes in on Thommo, but it’s only yellow.
  42. O'Brien shoots...tipped over by Westwood! #Millwall
  43. Owls clear that corner and are going to send on Luongo for Palmer, who's just been booked. Both visiting full-backs withdrawn #Millwall
  44. Romeo applauded by the home fans after a tackle on Harris with the ball going wide. Big, big noise here now. #Millwall
  45. Owls have two midfielders at full-back, Hutchinson and Reach. #Millwall
  46. Luongo sends a cross from deep sailing over. #Millwall
  47. Last Owls sub: Jordan Rhodes - disgracefully wearing number 6 - on for Lee. #Millwall
  48. Superb header away from Wallace who's fouled. Brilliant anticipation. #Millwall
  49. Bart saves from Bannan, Harris following up a few yards out...over the bar! #Millwall
  50. Romeo has his hands full with Harris but defends really well there to block the winger. Another shot comes in this time from Luongo, but it's easy for Bart. #Millwall
  51. Fifteen minutes left - (Ten-man) #Millwall 1-0 Wednesday
  52. Superb tackle from Pearce to deny Fletcher five yards out. #Millwall
  53. Cross after cross after cross into the #Millwall box, headed away, headed away, headed away...shot comes in, Bart down to save at his near post.
  54. #Millwall slow it down. They have a free-kick on the right.
  55. Cooper has two bites of it at the back post but Westwood comes out to gather. #Millwall
  56. Romeo has been absolutely outstanding. As has the entire #Millwall defence, and team effort.
  57. Owls handball, free-kick #Millwall. Fergie coming on for O'Brien, whose effort is applauded by the home fans.
  58. Woah, Rhodes not far away from connecting with that cross but it's wide. #Millwall
  59. Romeo again stops Harris, is fouled, and the entire Den is on its feet to applaud him. #Millwall
  60. Still cross after cross going into the #Millwall box, but Borner heads over there.
  61. Thommo scoops it off a Wednesday head. Throw-in #Millwall deep.
  62. FT - #Millwall 1-0 Sheffield Wednesday Absolutely outstanding defensive display from 10-man Lions.
  63. All the reaction coming up.

    Bye from here.