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11/07/19 Reverse order Timestamp format

  1. Good morning and welcome to our Championship blog.

    It's Southwark News today.

    We have an exclusive interview with Ben Thompson, who, unusually for players, has revealed his goal target for next season, and if he reaches it - three more than last season - then it will surely have Millwall up around mid-table as it means they will be doing well.

    He also talks about pre-season friendlies, or, as he explains, not really friendly because you're never putting in less than 100 per cent or ducking out of tackles when you wear a Lions shirt.

  2. We have our monthly message from the Fan on the Board. Micky reminds fans about the Fans' Forum on August 1, just two days before the season opener against Preston at The Den.

    Micky (below, left) will be there, along with Neil Harris, Steve Kavanagh and Kathryn Gale (below, middle).

  3. Also in today's News, Ryan Leonard speaks about what a big positive the performances of the young players was at Concord last weekend.

  4. Starved of football after just one pre-season friendly?

    Well, there's a Millwall XI heading to Rotherhithe Friday evening to take on Fisher, who are under new manager Allan Fenn (below).

    Kick-off is at 7.45pm at St Paul's.

  5. A Millwall XI played in Fisher this time last year, and it was pretty much an under-16 side. Interesting to see them face senior players. There was certainly some talent there.

  6. Millwall head to Portugal tomorrow for their training camp. They were hoping to have at least another one in before then.

    They play Braga in one of the behind-closed-doors friendlies.

    The result of that game will likely be on Braga's website, and we'll have it here.

    The Lions are away for six days.