Lions take on Canaries

02/03/19 Reverse order Timestamp format

  1. Hello and welcome to live coverage of Millwall's test against one of the most exciting sides in the league.

    Norwich were knocked off the top of the Championship after by Leeds after the latter's win over West Brom on Friday night.

    The Lions should have won the first game this season at Carrow Road, and considering there have been four goals, three goals and seven goals shared by these sides in their last three meetings it sets things up nicely for today...

  2. Team news will be on the way from 2pm.

    Here's our predicted line-up:

    Archer; Romeo, Hutch, Cooper, Fergie; Leonard, Williams, Thompson; J Wallace, Gregory, O'Brien.

  3. Here was a typically forthright Moro on Norwich this week, after his former club sold over 3,200 tickets for the game.

    They have done brilliant. Every time you see them they’re fantastic.

    I think they have sold out both tiers as a few people like to tell me. They’re really proud of themselves for doing that. I don’t know why they want to text me and tell me about it, I don’t really care. They feel like they want to tell me about it, so I’m really pleased for them.

    Saturday will be a tough game against a very, very good team. Hopefully we can do what we do when the odds are against us.

    [Millwall fans] will love it, it will be good.

  4. MILLWALL TEAM TO PLAY NORWICH: Archer; Romeo, Hutchinson, Cooper, Meredith; J Wallace, Thompson, Williams, Fergie; Moro, Gregory.

  5. MILLWALL SUBS: Martin, Pearce, Tunnicliffe, Fred, Elliott, O'Brien, Leonard.

  6. Here is the Norwich side:

    Here is your City XI and subs for the visit to Millwall ⬇️ #ncfc
  7. It's Moro's first start since the 3-2 defeat to Preston on December 15.

  8. Just over 5 minutes until kick off... predictions, #Millwall fans? #NCFC
  9. Teams on their way out here... looks to be about 15,000 here. #Millwall #NCFC
  10. James Meredith makes his first #Millwall start since January 12th. #NCFC
  11. 4' Wallace puts it in... OFF THE LINE to deny Cooper! Morison makes a great challenge but it's given as a foul. Brilliant cross! (0-0) #Millwall #NCFC
  12. 3' Ferguson to take... another corner on the other side... (0-0|) #Millwall #NCFC
  13. 5' Krul with a decent save to deny Gregory. (0-0) #Millwall #NCFC
  14. 6' Corner comes in... Cooper heads away. (0-0) #Millwall #NCFC
  15. 7' Corner comes in... Cooper clears for another. (0-0) #Millwall #NCFC
  16. 7' Corner comes in again... Archer holds well. (0-0) #Millwall #NCFC
  17. 12' Free kick on halfway for #Millwall... chance to get the ball in - but nothing comes of it. (0-0) #NCFC
  18. 16' Archer makes a good save but #NCFC have the lead. The #Millwall defence fell asleep again and Stiepermann with the goal. (0-1) After a good start, the Lions are behind.
  19. Not much to report since the goal here. (0-1) #Millwall #NCFC
  20. 32' Meredith booked for leaving one on Aarons. (0-1) #Millwall #NCFC
  21. 34' #Millwall with an excellent break but Romeo wastes the opportunity. Free kick out wide now - Williams over it... (0-1) #NCFC
  22. 34' Williams crosses and it's straight into Krul's arms. (0-1) #Millwall #NCFC
  23. 38' Archer makes a decent save from Pukki with a brilliant break. (0-1) #Millwall #NCFC Fans are restless!
  24. 42' Williams to take... eventually cleared amidst penalty appeals. (0-1) #Millwall #NCFC
  25. 44' #Millwall players seem scared to shoot and waste the chance before Hutchinson's back pass almost doesn't reach Archer. (0-1) #NCFC
  26. Low corner flicked on by Morison and Williams heads in off the bar! Equaliser on the stroke of half time! 2 minutes added on. #Millwall 1-1 #NCFC
  27. Steve Morison's 3rd assist in 3 games... (1-1) #Millwall #NCFC
  28. HALF TIME: #Millwall 1-1 #NCFC Williams' equaliser means that the two sides are level at the break here.
  29. 49' Jed Wallace makes a good tackle as Buendia was free in the box. (1-1) #Millwall #NCFC
  30. 56' Cross flashes just past Jordan Archer's far post... (1-1) #Millwall #NCFC
  31. 59' #NCFC free kick. Buendia loops a cross in and Archer catches. (1-1) #Millwall
  32. 61' Thompson does well out wide and finds Morison but the veteran's return pass is overhit. Thompson applauded as he wouldn't give it up. (1-1) #Millwall #NCFC
  33. 69' Appeals for a #NCFC penalty turned down. (1-1) #Millwall
  34. 69' Corner comes in... goal for #NCFC. Norwich lead through Zimmermann. (1-2) #Millwall
  35. Looked like a relatively free header for the centre half. (1-2) #Millwall #NCFC
  36. 71' Ferguson to take... Krul punches and it's away. Thompson then does really well and #Millwall have another corner. (1-2) #NCFC
  37. 74' #Millwall sub: 22. Aiden O'Brien on; 3. James Meredith off. Ferguson to left back. (1-2) #NCFC
  38. 75' A chance for #NCFC to extend their lead but Buendia heads over. (1-2) #Millwall
  39. 76' Ferguson to take... referee spots a foul in there. (1-2) #Millwall #NCFC
  40. 79'Goal for Norwich. Pukki puts it past Archer after being played through. (1-3) #Millwall #NCFC
  41. 83' #Millwall sub: 19. Tom Elliott on; 6. Shaun Williams off. (1-3) #NCFC
  42. 85' #NCFC sub: 10. Moritz Leitner on; 17. Emiliano Beundra off. (1-3) #Millwall
  43. 85' HOW IS IT NOT 2-3? That sums #Millwall's day up. First Morison, then Romeo, Morison again and O'Brien puts it wide! (1-3) #NCFC
  44. 87' #NCFC sub: 8. Mario Vrancic on; 25. Onel Hernandez off. (1-3) #Millwall
  45. 88' #NCFC sub: 15. Timm Klose on; 12. Jamal Lewis off. (1-3) #Millwall Good save by Archer to deny Pukki - Norwich corner.
  46. #NCFC fans: "You're going down with the Ipswich" (1-3) #Millwall #ITFC
  47. FULL TIME: #Millwall 1-3 #NCFC Simply put, Millwall were shown up by a team that is a cut above them. The Lions couldn't cope with the likes of Teemu Pukki and Norwich - if they really went for it - could have had more goals.
  48. Ben Thompson and Shane Ferguson did well - the rest, not so much. Dave Martin shows his experience, having a chat with each of the #Millwall players as they came off.
  49. Right, all the reaction coming up on NewsAtDen.

    Bye from here.