Dundee City Council has agreed the SNP's proposals to make £10.3m of savings to its budget.

The council voted for a budget that includes:

· A 3% increase to council tax

· Selling Dundee House to the Tayside Pension Fund, before leasing it back.

· An annual charge of £35-per-household to have brown bins emptied.

· School meals increasing by 5p day

· School breakfast clubs to charge £2 a day, per pupil

· Voluntary redundancies offered, including in schools and nurseries.

· Changes to parking fees, to try and raise at least £317,000

· Reorganisation of staffing structures to try and save £2m.

21/02/19 Reverse order Timestamp format

  1. Dundee City Council budget meeting: EIS rep David Baxter said there is widespread anger amongst teachers over council proposals.
  2. Crowds are gathering outside Dundee City Council chamber ahead of the budget meeting at 3pm. Feelings are running high and talk of industrial action
  3. Dundee Labour group have just distributed their alternative budget
  4. City Chambers is filling up as councillors prepare to thrash out the Dundee City Council budget for 2019-20

    SR Steven Rae
  5. There's a packed chamber five minutes before the much anticipated budget meeting begins.
  6. The public gallery is full, with some even standing.

    SR Steven Rae
  7. Dundee Labour group propose raising the council tax by 4.7% rather than 3% as proposed by the administration
  8. The Labour group's alternative budget proposes:

    Halting cuts to education

    Stopping proposed changes to council workers' terms and conditions

    Putting money back into the third sector services

    Freezing charges in schools (school meals, lessons)

    Creating a Caring Dundee Fund to support social care

    SR Steven Rae
  9. They will also aim to maintain council reserves at ,£5 million rather than increasing to £7 million
  10. They will remove the second civic car and cancel the second homes discount
  11. The Labour group plans to do this by:

    Maintaining council reserves at £5m rather than rising them to £7m

    Rising council tax by 4.7% rather than the proposed 3%

    Removing the second civic car

    Removing the funding for Police Scotland activities which "should be funded from their £1.2bn annual budget"

    SR Steven Rae
  12. SNP finance spokesman Willie Sawers opens the meeting. There's silence in the chamber as the budget proposals are distributed
  13. Dundee Labour's Kevin Keenan said "This is a truly dreadful SNP budget from a party that has let Dundee down again..."

    SR Steven Rae
  14. Labour also an to remove funding from Poluce Scotland saying they should use their own £1.2 billion annual budget
  15. Dundee City Council’s policy and resources committee is meeting to set its budget. Opposition parties will submit their own proposals. Liable to get tetchy.
  16. The Lib Dem group on the council have circulated their alternative budget proposals
  17. They have moved an amendment which removes proposed increases in school meal charges
  18. The Lib Dem group proposes to remove proposed increases in school meal charges

    SR Steven Rae
  19. The Lib Dems also propose to remove increases in parking charges in certain streets in Broughty Ferry, the Hilltown and elsewhere

    SR Steven Rae
  20. They also want to remove proposed car parking charges in certain off street parking areas and at on street parking at Perth Road and the Hilltown
  21. Leisure and Culture Dundee will meet next week to discuss how it can meet the cut to its budget likely to be imposed. Price increases seemingly inevitable.
  22. They further don't accept car parking charges for other city car parks, including in the West End
  23. Council leader John Alexander says one-off savings don't help long-term and simply "Kick the can down the road".

    SR Steven Rae
  24. They would also remove proposed increases in burial ground charges
  25. The Conservatives on the council approve budget savings titling £9,399,000
  26. The Tories are proposing a council tax increase of 2%
  27. Derek Scott of the Lib Dems claims the administration made changes to its budget without letting the other parties see them.

    SR Steven Rae
  28. Baillie Derek Scott asking why the Labour group not presented their alternative budget prior to today's meeting
  29. Councillor Willie Sawyers says amendments being made is common practice

    SR Steven Rae
  30. Baillie Kevin Keenan asking if a change in pupil to teacher ratio makes no difference to education of pupils
  31. Children and education director Paul Clancy claiming children will still receive the same level of education
  32. Children and education director Paul Clancy says any reduction in staff will have an effect on children at city schools, following a query from Labour's Kevin Keenan. Mr Clancy added that children will, however, receive the same number of hours of schooling

    SR Steven Rae
  33. Fraser Macpherson, Lib Dems, asking about car parking charges
  34. Fraser Macpherson saying parking could end up costing people more than £500 a year. On street parking will get worse
  35. Director of city development saying there will be free parking for shoppers
  36. What Dundonians can expect to pay for their council tax next year if the administration’s 3% rise goes ahead. pic.twitter.com/IEes0gakBK
  37. Lib Dem group leader Fraser Macpherson said there has been "Zero consultation with west end parking group" regarding changes to parking in the area

    SR Steven Rae
  38. Fraser Macpherson said, re: parking charges: "I despair at the lack of consultations....utterly dreadful"

    SR Steven Rae
  39. Labour's Michael Marra says this is the "Worst budget in living memory"

    SR Steven Rae
  40. Robin Presdwood council looking at further resident parking schemes
  41. Mr Marra applauded by the public gallery
  42. Labour councillor Michael Marta- this is the worst budget in living memory
  43. Michael Marta saying already over 200 teachers lost in City schools
  44. Paul Clancy said that no doubt the loss of teachers puts extra pressure on schools
  45. SNP's Alan Ross says The Labour group wishes to withdraw £50,000 of budget to Police Scotland, and asks impact will this have on community safety

    SR Steven Rae
  46. Public protection convener Alan Ross asking what impact the removal of funding to police will have on our communities
  47. Labour's Richard McCready: "Can we not suspend this meeting for three weeks for negotiations" relating to council workers' terms and conditions and speaking to trade unions over the coming weeks

    SR Steven Rae
  48. Labour's Richard Mccready saying trade unions need to be treated with more respect
  49. Cheers from the public gallery as Labour's Richard McCready fights the cause of council workers and proposed changes to their terms and conditions

    SR Steven Rae
  50. Neighbourhood services convener saying the budget is fully committed. Any reduction would have an impact on resources already committed
  51. Deputations to begin with Unite chairman Stuart Fairweather claiming this is a sad occasion
  52. Deputations now starting. Stuart Fairweather from Unite is first up.
  53. Stuart Fairweather branch chairman of the Unite union "We think the budget proposals should be rejected and DCC should establish a 'no cuts' budget"

    SR Steven Rae
  54. Stuart Fairweather saying on the back of the council trying to change no compulsory redundancies the proposed budget should be rejected
  55. "Dundee faces a dire situation" says union chairman Stuart Fairweather

    SR Steven Rae
  56. Stuart Fairweather- the situation the city faces is a dire one
  57. "We came to a meeting on Monday and we were slapped in the face with the threat of compulsary redundancies" - Unite union's Stewart Fairweather

    SR Steven Rae
  58. Stuart Fairweather saying decisions are being made that affect communities and workers. Huge support from the public gallery
  59. Stuart Fairweather saying we were slapped in the face on Monday night with the threat of compulsory redundancies
  60. Stuart Fairweather: "Local democracy is under threat in the same way industrial democracy is under threat"

    SR Steven Rae
  61. Stuart Fairweather saying local democracy under threat
  62. The unite leader wants the council to go to London to ask for more money
  63. Stuart Fairweather this is the worst budget this city has ever seen
  64. Stuart Fairweather if we don't change there will be more cuts and the beginning of the end for Dundee City Council
  65. Labour's Kevin Keenan asks if council workers were made aware they would lose their jobs in an unprofessional manner re: treatment by council officers

    SR Steven Rae
  66. Stuart Fairweather tells the meeting workers were called at 11am last Monday and told about meetings to be held at 1pm about the fate of their jobs

    SR Steven Rae
  67. Cries of shame about how workers in Dundee have been treated
  68. Stuart Fairweather says that at those meetings, people felt they were under the threat of losing their jobs "there and then". Discussions with Kick It Kick Off were held while kids were in the corridors. Chants of "disgusting" from the public gallery

    SR Steven Rae
  69. Labour councillor Michael Marra asking what impact the proposed budget will have on the poorest people in Dundee
  70. Stuart Fairweather people can't understand why after Michelin and Mcgill the council can take action that will cost more jobs in the city
  71. Stuart Fairweather we always said education will be ok people depend on education for aspirations. We need to pass a no cuts budget
  72. SNP councillor Ken Lynn claims the council has "knocked on every door" to try and get extra funding from the Scottish Goverment

    SR Steven Rae
  73. Ken Lynn SNP saying the leader of the council John Alexander has already been to London to ask for more money
  74. Stuart Fairweather saying all eight wards in the city will be affected in different ways
  75. Fairweather says cuts to education are ‘absolutely horrific’. SNP councillor Ken Lynn says administration has been resolute in seeking additional funding for Dundee but ‘we are where we are’.
  76. Stuart Fairweather saying the people of Dundee should collectively go to London to ask for more money
  77. Stuart Fairweather says that postponing the Budget meeting would be preferable to "inflicting millions more of cuts on the hardest hit communities of Dundee"

    SR Steven Rae
  78. It's being suggested that the meeting be suspended rather than have more cuts inflicted on the people of Dundee
  79. SNP councilor Alan Ross says to Stuart Fairweather: "I agree that this can't continue.... what do you think the answer should be?"

    SR Steven Rae
  80. SNP Alan Ross I agree this can't continue
  81. Stuart Fairweather says the action to be taken is to reject the cuts then enter discussion with Holyrood....or suggests councillors should resign.

    SR Steven Rae
  82. Stuart Fairweather councillors should resign if they can't reject the cuts and go back to the Scottish Parliament
  83. Next deputation Raymond Mennie Dundee Communist party
  84. Trade unionist Raymond Mennie of the Dundee Communist Party warns the council will face "Wide ranging industrial disputes" over the budget proposals

    SR Steven Rae
  85. Raymond Mennie said there is going to be widespread industrial disruption in Dundee
  86. Raymond Mennie mentions the V&A and how there are job losses regardless of there being a "brand new museum" in the city

    SR Steven Rae
  87. Raymond Mennie leads chants of "Shame, shame, shame on you!" as he points at the administration councillors.

    SR Steven Rae
  88. The local branch of the EIS today write to the city council to reconsider proposals to avert unnecessary damage to city schools
  89. Communist Party member Raymond Mennie now giving it laldy. Says Brexit will be great for workers and V&A Dundee is ‘bourgeoise culture’. Dundee branch of the Young Communist League up next.
  90. A deputation from Dundee Young Communists
  91. David Baxter from the EIS teachers' union says there is a "deep concern" among its members regarding the budget

    SR Steven Rae
  92. David Baxter EIS very deep concern 're education cuts proposed in the budget
  93. David Baxter we will result in not getting it right for every child
  94. David Baxter Dundee secondary teachers are angry
  95. Two thirds of EIS members in Dundee have signed a letter opposing the council’s proposals in just 48 hours.
  96. David Baxter if the education proposals are not removed the council will find itself in dispute with teachers tomorrow
  97. David Baxter says two-thirds of EIS members have signed a letter opposing the council's proposals, in the space of 48 hours

    SR Steven Rae
  98. Michael Marra of Scottish Labour says the documents show the council is "abandoning attempts to close the attainment gap"

    SR Steven Rae
  99. David Marra if this goes through today we will be in dispute by tomorrow morning.
  100. Michael Marra these cuts have abandoned any effort to close the attainment gap
  101. Correction this was said by David Baxter
  102. EIS will be in dispute with council ‘tomorrow morning’ if local authority presses ahead with plans to move to school faculties, warns David Baxter.
  103. Helen Meldrum these cuts disproportionately affect women and children in this city
  104. Helen Meldrum of the GMB Scotland union says there are more cuts to low-paid, part-time, female roles, and the impact of the budget is "disproportionate" to women and children

    SR Steven Rae
  105. Helen Meldrum saying breakfast clubs at 25p a day are a line
  106. Breakfast clubs in the city at just 25p are a "lifeline" says Helen Meldrum

    SR Steven Rae
  107. Helen Meldrum to council leader John Alexander: "You say you've tried your best, John, but your best isn't good enough", and urges him to ask Finance Minister Derek Mackay for more money

    SR Steven Rae
  108. Helen Meldrum receiving major applause after an impassioned speech
  109. Ken Lynn asks if Helen Meldrum feels he, as an SNP councillor, "has no conscience"?

    She replies that if the budget goes through, then she believes he doesn't.

    SR Steven Rae
  110. Jim Macfarlane unison 28,000 children in Dundee living in poverty
  111. Jim Macfarlane of the Unison union says some members were told there could be cuts to staffing levels, in meetings lasting just seven minutes

    SR Steven Rae
  112. SNP councillor Ken Lynn challenged Helen Meldrum from the GMB after she implied councillors lack a conscience. “Do you honestly believe that about me?” “If this budget gets passed then yes, I do think that.”
  113. Jim Macfarlane how bad does it have to get before this council does something about it
  114. Jim Macfarlane it's all very well having a bonny Waterfront and the V&A but go to Dock Street and that's the real Dundee
  115. Councillors continuing to ask questions of council officers 're the various proposals
  116. Council leader John Alexander thanks opposition members for submitting their proposals ahead of today's meeting

    SR Steven Rae
  117. John Alexander says he and his fellow councillors "care about every single person in this city"

    SR Steven Rae
  118. Councillor Alexander says there are significant challenges in all councils in Scotland and that the political make-up of local authorities doesn't change the challenges they face

    SR Steven Rae
  119. Councillor Alexander says the administration's Budget is "the most sensible and pragmatic way forward"

    SR Steven Rae
  120. Council leader John Alexander says budget is not easy and administration is ‘not happy’ but it is ‘the most sensible for Dundee’.
  121. Councillor Alexander notes that 70% of the council's £366m budget goes to children and familes services and the IJB

    SR Steven Rae
  122. Lib Dem group leader Fraser Macpherson says that "however you look at it there are bad things in everyone's budget" and he "doesn't have a magical solution"

    SR Steven Rae
  123. He adds: ‘We focus on the £17 million (in cuts) before us and forget about the £366 million we actually spend on services vital to people in our city.’
  124. Fraser Macpherson says he "knows and likes" every member of the council and knows they "all have decency in their hearts"

    SR Steven Rae
  125. Fraser Macpherson says "There are cuts in (the budget) and nobody wants that" and that "there has been a lack of priority in local government" from Holyrood and Westminster

    SR Steven Rae
  126. Labour group leader Kevin Keenan says Labour cannot support the Lib Dem group's budget, as it "doesn't go far enough"

    SR Steven Rae
  127. Kevin Keenan says he wrote to Finance Secretary Derek Mackay asking for more money for the city council

    SR Steven Rae
  128. Debate resumed and opposition leaders presenting their alternative budget proposals
  129. Conservative leader Derek Scott we did have a very constructive meeting with the leader of the opposition
  130. SNP councillor Kevin Cordell claims despite the drop in local governemtn spending in Scotland, the situation is worse in England and Wales

    SR Steven Rae
  131. Lord provost Ian Borthwick complimentary to members on their conciliatory tone
  132. Lord Provost Ian Borthwick thanks Baillie Fraser Macpherson and council leader John Alexander for the "conciliatory and constructive tone" in their speeches

    SR Steven Rae
  133. Ian Borthwick councillors doing their very best for Dundee
  134. Ian Borthwick there has to be closer liaison with trade unions.
  135. Ian Borthwick we have to work with a finite amount of finances and we have to present a legal budget
  136. Ian Borthwick we have to work together to present the best possible outcome for the people
  137. SNP councillors are now taking turns to list council achievements over the past year.
  138. Councillors of all parties are listing the achievements of the city council
  139. Kevin Keenan speaking to the Labour amendment
  140. Labour's Kevin Keenan makes an impassioned plea directly to Lord Provost Ian Borthwick, "as an independent, Labour councillor" to support the Labour amendment. (Mr Borthwick was formerly a Labour councillor)

    SR Steven Rae
  141. Labour group leader Kevin Keenan urged the administration to ‘put on your listening ears and listen’ to concerns about their proposed education cuts.
  142. Council leader John Alexander says the proposed 4.7% council tax rise that the Labour group has tabled "would not be welcomed" among constituents he has spoken to

    SR Steven Rae
  143. Labour's alternative budget has been defeated by 15 votes to eight. There were five no votes
  144. The Conservatives are now speaking to their budget
  145. The SNP administration’s budget has been passed
  146. The SNP budget has been passed in its entirety