Lions take on Rams

20/02/19 Reverse order Timestamp format

  1. Hello and welcome to coverage of Millwall's clash with Derby County.

  2. Some early team news? That's Lee Gregory with Millwall's head physio, Paul Tanner, and Laurence Bloom, the head of sports science.

    Gregory has been in conversation with the pair more than two hours before kick-off...

  3. Here's Neil Harris on Derby and the job Frank Lampard and Jody Morris are doing:

    I’m not surprised at all at how well Frank and Jody have done after putting together a really good squad. They were very intellectual football players and they’re really good characters.

    Yes they’ve got some good players but they’ve got some young players as well so it takes the manager to look after those players. I fully expect them to be in the top six come the end of the season.

    The game on Wednesday has different but equal pressures for both. We want to move away from the relegation zone and Derby need points because there’s an expectation on them from their fans to be in that top six. You take it for granted they should be in there.

    There’s a lot of pressure on them on Wednesday. What we have to do is try to add to that pressure, make sure we’re very competitive and hard to beat like we have been the last couple of months. We want to build on the impressive record since Christmas Day.

    Last season doesn’t come into it - different manager and different style of play. Last season we got beaten 3-0 but were the better team.

    We can look at the game earlier in the season when we dominated the first half but Derby were better than us in the second half. It was a very close game but the teams have changed. We’ve got very different personnel to what we had that day and Derby will certainly have a different team as well.

  4. Staff
  5. MILLWALL TEAM TO PLAY DERBY: Archer; Romeo, Hutchinson, Cooper, M Wallace; Marshall, Leonard, Williams, Ferguson; J Wallace; Gregory.

  6. MILLWALL SUBS: Martin, Thommo, Tunni, O'Brien, Moro, Fred, Elliott.

  7. Two changes from the weekend: Hutch in for Pearce; Marshall in for O'Brien.

    Could be a 4-4-1-1, with Jed in behind Gregory.

  8. Here's the Derby County side:

  9. Looks like Fergie right side of #Millwall's midfield, Marshall left and Jed up front.
  10. Decent start from #Millwall and Romeo is down the right side of the box, but no one can get to his cross.
  11. Derby are pushing their wing-backs Cole and Holmes way up the pitch. The hosts are dominating the ball at the moment. #Millwall
  12. Jed and Gregory yet to combine up front for #Millwall. But the visitors get a free-kick and the CBs jog forward.
  13. Derby clear and counter through Holmes, but he over-hits a cross towards Wilson. #Millwall
  14. Cooper gets a flick on Hutch's free-kick but Gregory can't keep it in play. #Millwall
  15. #Millwall are trying to press Derby high up the pitch but the hosts are playing through it.
  16. Derby fans are getting a little bit frustrated. Lots of possession but no chances for them. #Millwall
  17. Almost spoke too soon as Holmes finds Waghorn in the box and there's a chance but the forward over-runs it for a goal-kick. #Millwall
  18. Free-kick Derby 35 yards out. Wilson having a look. #Millwall
  19. He smacks it off the wall before Fergie is prevented from breaking away by Bryson. #Millwall
  20. #Millwall are struggling to get crosses in when they have it wide.
  21. Jed tries to get Romeo in behind Cole but the left-back sees it out for a goal-kick. #Millwall
  22. Ref whistles to have a word just as the corner is taken. Derby try a low one next time but Fergie reads it. #Millwall
  23. Huddlestone lines up a shot and Hutch dives in to block before Waghorn is off target. #Millwall
  24. Free-kick wide right for #Millwall, Williams in to Cooper who heads it but Bogle clears.
  25. Huddlestone tries one from 30 yards but Archer knew that was heading over. #Millwall
  26. #Millwall free-kick 40 yards out, central position. Williams may as well...
  27. Williams plays the free-kick wide to Romeo whose cross is cleared. Waste. #Millwall
  28. One minute to be added to this poor first half - Derby 0-0 #Millwall
  29. Derby want a penalty as Wilson goes down...corner. #Millwall
  30. Derby have been back out a couple of minutes, #Millwall on the way now.
  31. Corner Derby and Keogh flicks wide at the near post. #Millwall
  32. My expectations for any quality in this half couldn't be lower. #Millwall
  33. Just as I saw that Marriott produces a lovely touch to get between Wallace and Cooper but his effort on goal is awful. #Millwall
  34. #Millwall have a free-kick on the right, Cooper and Hutch go for it but it's a Derby throw-in on the left.
  35. Bogle crosses but it's a bit behind Marriott who can't steer a header on target. #Millwall
  36. Woah, Jed crosses from the left and it looks like it clips the bar before going out for a throw-in. #Millwall
  37. Williams fouls Wilson 30 yards out. Wilson will have a go here. #Millwall
  38. Bogle crosses towards Cole. Derby given a corner and #Millwall aren't happy.
  39. It's helped away by Jed before Murray boots clear. #Millwall
  40. Decent spell of possession for #Millwall before Romeo crosses but Jed swipes at it under pressure in the box and Derby clear.
  41. Lovely touch from Gregory to take Leonard's clearance and then the forward cleverly gets a free-kick. #Millwall
  42. Bryson down the side of Leonard and Derby have a corner. #Millwall
  43. #Millwall clear that but now the hosts have a free-kick out on the left.
  44. Leonard thumps away the free-kick to Gregory who finds Fergie. He spots Jed and very similar to the late chance at Wimbledon but this time he gets the shot away low past Roos. Derby 0-1 #Millwall
  45. Before that #Millwall change, Huddlestone and Cole went off, King and Jozefzoon on.
  46. That was the first shot on target in the game. #Millwall
  47. Marriott has gone down in the box. The home fans appeal, the home players don't. #Millwall
  48. Keogh crosses, Hutch heads away, then Cooper. Now Archer has it for #Millwall
  49. Derby free-kick into the box...Archer there again. #Millwall
  50. Corner Derby...Archer punches it away for a throw. #Millwall
  51. Cooper is down and wasting time. #Millwall will have a free-kick.
  52. What a win.

    All the reaction coming up. Bye from here.