Lions take on Rovers

12/01/19 Reverse order Timestamp format

  1. Hello and welcome to live coverage of Millwall's clash with Blackburn Rovers.

    If the Lions win today they will have the same number of points as after the same number of games last season...and be the same number of points off the play-offs.


  2. We're hearing there may be a couple of players back a little early from injury, as Neil Harris faces some tough selection calls.

  3. Here's Harris on some selection calls today:

    We’ve got players in form, players who have come into the team and played well, players that have come back from loans and regular football and are going to want to play.

    So I’ve got some very tough decisions moving forward. It’s a position that the majority of Championship managers have, we’ve not always had that luxury.

    It’s a position I want to be in the second half of the season. We had it last year in the second half of the season. When people are playing well then decisions can be easy. If they’re achieving what their goals are, set by me, then they should continue playing.

  4. Good cause here:

  5. Rovers are bringing a really decent following despite the late kick-off:

    Over 900 #Rovers fans are making the long trip down to Millwall today! 👏 Pay on the day is available, with no price increase.
  6. Here's Harris in the match programme:

    What we did last season was add strength in depth, and we've certainly lacked a bit of that in the first half of the season, in my opinion. The thought process for me is having a competitive squad, but also trying to develop young players.

    Moving forward, we have to make sure we have the right amount personnel and competitiveness in the squad, as well as players fighting for their places. We're always very mindful, though, that for our younger players the best way to develop is to get minutes.

  7. And on Alex Pearce:

    I was extremely pleased with his contribution to the team. I think everyone would've enjoyed watching him play. He is an old-fashioned centre-half in the mould that we like to recruit, with players like Sean Dyche, Stuart Nethercott and Tony Craig.

  8. MILLWALL TEAM TO PLAY ROVERS: Archer; Romeo, Hutchinson, Cooper, Meredith; J Wallace, Leonard, Tunnicliffe, Ferguson; O’Brien, Elliott.

  9. MILLWALL SUBS: Martin, Williams, Thompson, Gregory, Pearce, Moro, M Wallace.

  10. And the Blackburn side:

  11. Ben Thompson is back on the bench, but no sign of Fred Onyedinma.

    Lee Gregory also returns to the match-day squad.

  12. A few surprise results in the Championship today, and Millwall will go above Wigan and Preston with a win.

  13. Elliott can't continue. The way he's holding his arm could be a break. Real discomfort. Moro on for #Millwall in the third minute.
  14. Romeo hares into the box but his cross is blocked and Rovers clear. #Millwall
  15. Dack is a danger on the ball and he threads a pass through to Nuttall who goes down outside the box...but the referee isn't interested in that claim. #Millwall
  16. Dack tries a half-volley from 35 yards but it smacks off the back of Cooper. #Millwall
  17. Rodwell is playing centre-back for Rovers and looks composed on the ball as he beats O'Brien and clears. #Millwall
  18. Wallace down the right and crosses...but it's just over Fergie's head. #Millwall
  19. Apart from those injuries there is little going on here, nothing for the goalkeepers to do. #Millwall
  20. Moro back-heels down the line to send Fergie away...but the ball was out. #Millwall
  21. Moro then does well to dig out a cross from the left but Wallace had run in too far. Still #Millwall pressing.
  22. Moro-O'Brien not on the same frequency as Moro-Gregory. #Millwall
  23. Fergie gets a free-kick on halfway and Hutch will hump this forward. #Millwall
  24. This game is a good advert for a Christmas break in English football. #Millwall
  25. Dack finds Conway wide right and he crosses low but Cooper clears for #Millwall
  26. Travis is going to be spoken to after going in late on Leonard and the #Millwall fans are unhappy he's not booked.
  27. Wallace is fouled now and Bell is spoken to but again no yellow. #Millwall
  28. This is finally getting a bit lively as Dack prevents the quick free-kick to further annoy the crowd. #Millwall
  29. Lovely #Millwall move as Wallace runs out of defence and finds Moro who flicks inside to Fergie. One-two with Moro but the cross is too close to Raya.
  30. Another neat #Millwall move but O'Brien wanders offside.
  31. Moro sees Raya off his line and with the last action of the half tries a lob, but he never. HT - #Millwall 0-0 Rovers
  32. Blackburn make a change at half-time: Nyambe on for Evans, which means Bennett goes from right-back to left midfield, Reed into central midfield. #Millwall
  33. #Millwall's crosses tonight haven't been the best, another one over-hit there, this time by Romeo.
  34. Needless to say it's a shit delivery and it's headed away by Tunnicliffe. #Millwall
  35. #Millwall fans get to their feet to applaud Moro after he blocks down a clearance. They're trying to get their team going.
  36. #Millwall are pressing Rovers right back now and looking more likely to do something.
  37. Ball breaks to Leonard 35 yards out and he tries a half-volley...palmed away by Raya! #Millwall
  38. Free-kick to Rovers on the right. First Graham is coming on for Conway for the visitors. #Millwall
  39. Reed curls in the free-kick and it comes off Romeo for a Rovers corner. #Millwall
  40. Reed again over a free-kick...but Moro heads away. #Millwall
  41. Gregory - who is out injured - is coming on for O'Brien for #Millwall.
  42. Moro and Wallace link up a couple of times but the latter can't get the ball through to Gregory. #Millwall
  43. Taken short, back out to Fergie, cross in. Foul. Go home everyone. #Millwall
  44. Wallace pings it into Gregory's feet and he finds Romeo who shoots...Raya saves. #Millwall
  45. Fergie is coming across to take a free-kick on the right for #Millwall
  46. He takes it short again to Wallace...corner #Millwall
  47. Headed to the edge of the box but Tunnicliffe sends it into Row 30, Block 7. #Millwall
  48. Armstrong cut into the box from the left to flash in a low cross and it looks like the final touch is off Hutch. #Millwall
  49. Reaction coming up.

    Bye from here.