Councillors discuss plans for homes at Trump golf course

12/12/18 Reverse order Timestamp format

  1. Pre-determination hearing just kicking off for plans lodged by Trump International to build 500 new homes at the Menie estate #TrumpHearing
  2. A total of 2,918 objections have been lodged against the plans with just three in support. One of the 2,918 objections included a petition of more than 18,000 names but this counts as just one objection #TrumpHearing
  3. AF: Says they’re aware of the almost 3,000 objections, adding “most of which come from an organised campaign” #TrumpHearing
  4. Objector David Milne says the main purpose for the housing scheme is “simply to make money for the applicant”. Adds that golf is a “reducing sport” with courses being “abandoned and falling into disrepair” #TrumpHearing
  5. DM: Lack of affordable housing within the scheme is “another breach of Scottish Government guidance” #TrumpHearing
  6. Second objector Rohan Beyts says there is no way the application can be seen to be one of national importance, adding “it’s a housing scheme” #TrumpHearing