15/09/17 Reverse order Timestamp format

  1. Our final session from this year's convention is looks at seizing the opportunity #RTSCambridge
  2. [email protected]DamianCollins: If C4 moved to Leeds, it'd be great for Leeds, but it wouldn't necessarily help prodcos in the south west #RTSCambridge
  3. "the gov wants to see #channel4 increase production in the regions- not just in one city" @DamianCollins @RTS_Now
  4. [email protected]DamianCollins: It's clear that the Sec of State wants renewed interest in the regions from Channel 4 #RTSCambridge
  5. Mai Fyfield from @SkyCorporate: Diversity is a very important part to how we think about commissioning #RTSCambridge
  6. A series of Channel 4 regional hubs may be more effective in supporting regional productions than simply moving HQ #RTSCambridge
  7. David Abraham: There is a smart degree of separation and a high degree of accountability #RTSCambridge
  8. Fyfield: I believe that people that have had to fight a little bit tend to do very well professionally #RTSCambridge
  9. Abraham: Millennials are challenging how to be successful without having to conform to the middle class front #RTSCambridge
  10. Fyfield: There's room for all of us. Netflix, Amazon, Sky, we're all doing well #RTSCambridge
  11. Our own Tom Mockridge, Virgin Media CEO and @RTS_media chair, on stage at this year's RTS Convention #RTSCambridge #RTS2017 pic.twitter.com/CgB4OxBkMG
  12. Fyfield: BT is a much scarier competitor than Netflix in many ways #RTSCambridge
  13. We're not going to be taking on the scale of Netflix, says @VirginMediaCorp CEO Tom Mockridge #RTSCambridge
  14. Abraham: I'm proud to have done my bit at C4, but I'm looking forward to starting my new life #RTSCambridge
  15. Fyfield: The shift at Sky is to broader diversity across the business, not just on screen #RTSCambridge
  16. That's it from this year's Cambridge Convention. Check out our upcoming events at  https://rts.org.uk/events  #RTSCambridge