15/09/17 Reverse order Timestamp format

  1. Greg Dyke: I was part of that aspiring generation of working class kids that wanted to 'get out' #RTSCambridge
  2. Greg Dyke: It's significantly changed now. The society is changing #RTSCambridge
  3. [email protected]anne_mensah: I was incredibly lucky, you have to make how you define good isn't co-defined by personal experience #RTSCambridge
  4. [email protected]anne_mensah: Good is not just going to Oxford & Cambridge. We are looking for their ability not just their tick boxes #RTSCambridge
  5. [email protected]jimpurnell: There's no silver bullet. For me it's about the overlay of class, race and disability #RTSCambridge
  6. [email protected]juliehes: After I graduated I was able to sign on and claim benefits. I was on this for 2-3 years #RTSCambridge
  7. [email protected]juliehes: Now its almost impossible for someone of my background to go to drama school & be creative without a full time job #RTSCambridge
  8. [email protected]FraserNelson: I think internships are a gateway. They can really give you a chance #RTSCambridge
  9. [email protected]anne_mensah: It's how you go through the middle and the top ranks, at @Sky we want the jobs to set up for the long term #RTSCambridge
  10. [email protected]anne_mensah: We talk a lot about trainee schemes, and I'm worried we bring people at the bottom level in and just drop them #RTSCambridge
  11. [email protected]jimpurnell says 17% people overall at the BBC went to private school, with 24% in management roles #RTSCambridge
  12. However Greg Dyke says that identifying and knowing the statistics for diversity is not enough #RTSCambridge
  13. The @BBC doesn't currently have employment targets for socioeconomic, "but we're thinking about it" says @jimpurnell #RTSCambridge
  14. This compares to the national average of 7% of people that have been privately educated #RTSCambridge  https://twitter.com/RTS_Now/status/908621928197443586 
  15. #jamespurnell says to help with hiring more diverse applicants,'we've all gone through unconscious bias training' #RTSCambridge
  16. [email protected]juliehes: If you allow a certain strand of people to make decisions the industry is going to get very narrow #RTSCambridge
  17. [email protected]anne_mensah: Soaps are training grounds for drama - why do we not put more effort into celebrating soaps & their diversity? #RTSCambridge
  18. Dyke: You want talent but you want different backgrounds too. They bring something different that you haven't got #RTSCambridge
  19. [email protected]anne_mensah: TV is scared of representing working class & often shows the working class negatively and not the joy of it #RTSCambridge