'Explosion' at Parsons Green Station

Here is what we know so far:

:: Emergency services including police, fire and ambulance were called to the scene at around 8.20am after an improvised explosive device detonated in a carriage.

:: The District line train, bound for central London, had just stopped at Parsons Green station in the west of the city when the explosion happened.

:: Twenty-two people have been injured, most of whom police said suffered "flash burns". Casualties were taken to trusts across London including Imperial, Chelsea and Westminster and Guy's and St Thomas'. St Mary's Hospital in Paddington declared a major incident but has since been stood down.

:: Around two hours after the explosion, the Metropolitan Police confirmed they were treating it as a terrorist incident.

:: US President Donald Trump denounced the attack by "sick and demented people who were in the sights of Scotland Yard". Scotland Yard declined to comment.

:: Witnesses said they saw a white "builder's bucket" in a supermarket bag, while pictures posted online appeared to show a flaming bucket with wires protruding inside a plastic carrier bag on the floor of a carriage.

:: People reported seeing a "fireball" and a "wall of flame" in the train and people "covered in blood".

:: The public has been warned to expect an "enhanced police presence", particularly across the transport system on Friday.

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  1. We're aware of an incident at #ParsonsGreen station. Officers are at the scene. The station is closed. More information as we get it.
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  2. CM Callum Main
  3. We are investigating an incident at Parsons Green. Customers travelling btn Wimbledon & Earl's Court are advised to use alternative routes.
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  4. The Metropolitan Police said: “We are aware of an incident at Parsons Green Tube station. Officers are in attendance.”

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  5. Transport for London said it is “investigating an incident at Parsons Green” and urged customers travelling between Wimbledon and Earls Court to use alternative routes.

    A London Ambulance Service spokesman said: “We are on scene alongside the Metropolitan Police at Parsons Green.”

    London Fire Brigade said they were called to the incident at 8.21am on Friday.

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  7. Have just been down to #parsonsgreen tube to offer help, apparently no "major injuries." If anyone needs help come down to @CoyneMedical
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  8. Media technology consultant Richard Aylmer-Hall, 53, was sitting on the District Line train bound for central London when panic unfolded at around 8.20am.

    He said he saw several people injured, having apparently been trampled as they tried to escape.

    “I was on the Tube, we had just stopped at Parsons Green, I was on my way up from Wimbledon towards Paddington and suddenly there was panic, lots of people shouting, screaming, lots of screaming.

    “There was a woman on the platform who said she had seen a bag, a flash and a bang, so obviously something had gone off.

    “It was an absolutely packed, rush-hour District Line train from Wimbledon to Edgware Road."

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  9. “I saw crying women, there was lots of shouting and screaming, there was a bit of a crush on the stairs going down to the streets.

    “Some people got pushed over and trampled on, I saw two women being treated by ambulance crews.

    “Since then, every emergency vehicle in London has gone past me, fire engines, ambulances, every type of police vehicle.”

    Mr Aylmer-Hall added: “I don’t think anyone was hurt by the actual device or whatever it was.”

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  10. Explosion was said to have come from a Bag on the Train but not Confirmed. Busy District Line to Wimbledon Suspended. #ParsonsGreen  https://twitter.com/bbcbreaking/status/908597697166364673 
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  11. London #ParsonsGreen: White container at back of train exploded, people treated for facial burns pic.twitter.com/yt9d4EEEhN
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  12. Natasha Wills, of London Ambulance Service said: “We were called at 8.20am to reports of an incident at Parsons Green underground station.

    “We have sent multiple resources to the scene including single responders in cars, ambulance crews, incident response officers and our hazardous area response team, with the first of our medics arriving in under five minutes.

    “Our initial priority is to assess the level and nature of injuries. More information will follow when we have it.”

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  13. BBC correspondent Riz Lateef, who was at the station travelling to work, said there was “panic as people rushed from the train, hearing what appeared to be an explosion.

    “People were left with cuts and grazes from trying to flee the scene. There was lots of panic.”

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  14. Services are now suspended btn Edgware Rd & Wimbledon while police respond to an incident. Tkt accepted on Buses, South Western & Overground
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  16. Picture update: Police and emergency services attend the incident at Parsons Green (James Treen/PA)

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  17. Picture Update: Emergency services attending an incident at Parsons Green station in west London amid reports of an explosion (Richard Aylmer-Hall/PA)

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  19. Was on #parsonsgreen train when mass of people came rushing at us after 'explosion' on rear carriage. Surreal moment. Adrenaline pumping.
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  20. RECAP: What we know so far

    Emergency services were called to a London Underground station after reports of an explosion on a train.

    Pictures appeared to show an explosion in a bucket towards the rear of a train.

    The incident occurred at Parsons Green Tube station on Friday morning.

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  21. One passenger, named only as Lucas, told BBC 5 live: "I heard a really loudexplosion - when I looked back there appeared to be a bag but I don't know ifit's associated with it. "I saw people with minor injuries, burnings to the face, arms, legs, multiple casualties in that way. "People were helping each other."

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  22. Transport for London said Tube services were suspended between Edgware Road andWimbledon. In a statement, Scotland Yard said: "Police were called at approximately 8.20am to Parsons Green Underground Station following reports of an incident on a Tube train. "Officers from the Metropolitan Police Service and British Transport Police are in attendance along with the London Fire Brigade and London Ambulance Service. "We would advise people to avoid the area."

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  23. Police were called at approx. 8:20am to #ParsonsGreen following reports of an incident on a tube train
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  24. Officers attended with @BTP along with @LondonFire & @Ldn_Ambulance We would advise people to avoid the area. More info as we get it
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  25. In a statement, Scotland Yard said: “Police were called at approximately 8.20am to Parsons Green Underground Station following reports of an incident on a Tube train.

    “Officers from the Metropolitan Police Service and British Transport Police are in attendance along with the London Fire Brigade and London Ambulance Service.

    “We would advise people to avoid the area.”

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  26. Another witness, Sham, said he saw a man with blood all over his face. "There were loads of people crying and shaking," he told 5 live. "There were a lot of people limping and covered in blood. "One guy I saw, his face was covered in blood - I've never seen anything like it."

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  27. London Fire Brigade said six fire engines, a fire rescue unit and around 50 firefighters and specialist officers were sent to the scene.

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  28. Commuter Robyn Frost was arriving at the station when she saw people trying toescape. She told the BBC: "I walked into the station, there was blood on the floor and people running down the stairs screaming 'get out'.

    "People were coming out of the station covered in blood."

    She added: "People have been stretchered into ambulances now."

    BBC News presenter Sophie Raworth, who was at the scene, said she saw a woman on a stretcher with burns to her face and legs.

    "I spoke to a woman, Laura Bishop, who said she was standing there and all of a sudden heard a bang - and saw a wall of flames, flames in the carriage," she said.

    "She saw people who had burns on their hair, burns on their head and the doors opened immediately."

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  29. We have a number of resources and specialists officers in attendance at the incident at #ParsonsGreen tube station  http://bit.ly/2vXpjru  pic.twitter.com/bdiCr4hWcZ
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  30. Picture Update: A bucket on fire on a tube train at Parsons Green station in west London amid reports of an explosion (Sylvain Pennec/PA)

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  32. BBC News presenter Sophie Raworth added: "I have just seen a woman who was just stretchered off hereand clearly her legs are wrapped up and she has burns.

    "She had burns to her face - she's conscious, she was taking oxygen and pain relief as well.

    "She seemed to have burns all over her body from top to toe."

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  33. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson appealed for calm. He told Sky News: "I'm afraid my information is limited and it really is important not to speculate at the moment.

    "Obviously, everybody should keep calm and go about their lives in a normal way, as normal as they possibly can.

    "As far as I understand it, the British Transport Police and TfL are on it and they will be updating their websites as and when we have more information."

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  35. Picture Update: People watch as the emergency services deal with an explosion at Parsons Green (James Treen/PA)

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  36. Recap - what we know so far

    Eyewitnesses reported seeing several people hurt and "covered in blood" after a "flash and a bang" on the District Line Tube in West London.

    Emergency services including armed police rushed to the scene at Parsons Green station after being alerted at around 8.20am on Friday.

    Pictures posted on social media appeared to show a flaming bucket inside a plastic carrier bag on the floor of a carriage.

    Police have not given details about the suspected cause of the explosion but the incident comes with Britain on high alert after four terror attacks in 2017.

    The official threat level currently stands at severe - meaning an attack is seen as "highly likely".

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  37. A hundred metre cordon was erected around the station.

    At around 9.40am five Metropolitan Police vans arrived on the scene along with a British Transport Police command van.

    A police helicopter was also overhead.

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  38. Mick Cash, general secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union, said: "The incident shows once again that Tube staff are the first responders in emergency situations and the clear need for safety and security to remain the number one priority and for the resources and staffing to be in place to deal with all eventualities."

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  39. Downing Street said Prime Minister Theresa May was "receiving regularupdates" on the situation at Parsons Green.

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  40. Chris Wildish, who was on the train, said he saw a "device" in the lastcarriage.

    "It was a white bucket, a builder's bucket, in a white Aldi bag or Lidl bag," he told 5live.

    "Flames were still coming out of it when I saw it and had a lot of wires hanging out of it - I can only assume it was done on purpose.

    "It was standing against the door of the rear-most carriage."

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  41. Emergency Services are still at Parsons Green tube station. We continue to ask Londoners to avoid the area. More info as and when verified
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  42. @metpoliceuk @Ldn_Ambulance We ask everyone to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious behaviour to us by texting 61016 or calling 0800 405040.
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  44. Sylvain Pennec, a software developer from Southfields, near Wimbledon, was around 10 metres from the source of the explosion when fire filled the carriage.

    “I heard a boom and when I looked there were flames all around,” he said. “People started to run but we were lucky to be stopping at Parsons Green as the door started to open.”

    He described the scene of panic as commuters struggled to escape the carriage, “collapsing and pushing” each other.

    Mr Pennec stayed behind to take a closer look at what he believed was the source of the explosion.

    “It looked like a bucket of mayonnaise,” he said. “I’m not sure if it was a chemical reaction or something else, but it looked home made. I’m not an expert though.”

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  45. Passengers on the train behind the affected Tube witnessed terrified passengers sprinting away up the tracks.

    They were then held in their train for over an hour before being evacuated on to the tracks themselves.

    Nicole Linnell, 29, who works for a fashion label, said: "We saw people running down the tracks. About 30 or 40 people.

    "They were running down the tracks outside our train.

    "It was absolutely terrifying. Running on the tracks is the last thing you want to do so we were like 'What's going on?'

    "After about an hour we were evacuated off the train on to the tracks. About 10 to 15 people at a time."

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  46. Melanie Heyside had been at a gym nearby and intended to get on a District Line train to go to work.

    She told Sky News: “I just was about to open the doors to leave the studio and then all of a sudden Swat cars completely stormed and blocked the street and police jumped out with their armour and were telling people to ‘move, to move’.

    “So I was inside with a group of other people and we weren’t really sure what to do.”

    She said they were told to leave the area, which she added was populated by schoolchildren and others going to work, as quickly as possible.

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  47. I'm in contact with @metpoliceuk and emergency services about the incident at Parsons Green. Follow @metpoliceuk for updates & advice.
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  48. Counter terrorism source say incident is being treated as terrorism

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  49. The Met’s Counter Terrorism Command are investigating after the incident at #ParsonsGreen tube station is declared a terrorist incident
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  50. Police called at approx. 8:20am to #ParsonsGreen station following reports of a fire on the train – emergency services remain at the scene
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  51. Too early to confirm cause of fire - now subject to the investigation that is underway. Station remains cordoned off. Please avoid the area
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  52. Anyone who has any info that would assist is urged to contact the hotline 0800 789 321; if it’s an emergency always call 999 #ParsonsGreen
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  53. PM: My thoughts are with those injured at Parsons Green and emergency services who are responding bravely to this terrorist incident.
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  54. Scotland Yard said "a number of people" had been injured, adding that it was"too early" to confirm the cause of the explosion which will be investigated by its Counter Terrorism Command.

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  55. Prime Minister Theresa May is to chair a meeting of the Government's Cobra emergencies committee this afternoon to discuss the terrorist incident at Parsons Green.

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  56. Aaron Butterfield, a production manager, said he saw people "crawling over one another" in panic as they tried to get out of the station.

    He said police told him a second device had been found and a man had been seen with a knife.

    Mr Butterfield had been caught up in the panic as he tried to enter the station on his way to work.

    He said: "People weren't even running, they were literally crawling over one another and just fleeing I guess.

    "We were told [by police] there had been an explosion on a District Line train and someone was running around with a knife.

    "Then we have just been told there's another explosive device.

    "It's been really frightening and very confusing especially as no-one really knows what's going on."

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  57. #ParsonsGreen Station - Fulham Rd is closed btwn Munster Rd & North End Rd. Parsons Green Lane closed N/B at New Kings Rd (Police incident)
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  59. Background: Train hit by Explosion can carry a total of 865 passengers

    The explosion on the London Underground occurred on an S-Stock train which can carry more than 800 passengers.

    The S-Stock were the first Tube trains to have walk-through carriages to boost capacity when they were introduced to the network in 2010.

    Alarmed passengers would have theoretically been able to run from one end of the train to the other because of the lack of interconnecting doors.

    S7 trains are used on the District, Circle and Hammersmith & City lines, and consist of seven carriages.

    The trains have 356 seats and a total capacity of 865 passengers.

    Witnesses described the train involved in the explosion as "absolutely packed".

    The incident happened at around 8.20am, just after the busiest time of day at Parsons Green station, which is between 8am and 8.15am.

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  60. Update: Officers from the Metropolitan Police's counter-terrorism command have launched an investigation following the explosion in west London during the Friday morning rush hour.

    The force said police were called at approximately 8.20am to Parsons Green Underground Station "following reports of a fire on the train".

    The Met said Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, the national co-ordinator for counter-terrorism policing, "has declared it a terrorist incident", adding: "At present we are aware of a number of people who have suffered injuries."

    Prime Minister Theresa May is to chair a meeting of the Government's Cobra emergencies committee this afternoon to discuss the incident.

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  61. A major incident has been declared at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington in response to the Parsons Green explosion.

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  62. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has appealed for calm following the Parsons Greenterror incident, saying London "will never be intimidated or defeated by terrorism".

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  63. CM Callum Main
  64. Ryan Barnett was caught up in the crush that took place in the stairwell of theTube station.

    He heard of victims with burn injuries and reported seeing some commuters taking selfies on the platform.

    The 25-year-old, who works in politics and had been travelling to his office, told the Press Association: "I was lucky, I wasn't in the carriage, I was in a few carriages down but I was caught up in the stampede down the stairs.

    "I was sitting there, headphones in, at Parsons Green, the doors open fine, I'm not really paying attention and all of a sudden hundreds of people run past me screaming a mixture of 'stampede', 'attack', 'terrorist', 'explosion', 'get off the train', 'everyone run'.

    "Parsons Green station has a staircase at the front of the carriage where the train pulls up - I'm running and keeping my head down because there might be gunfire and on to the staircase.

    "But when I was on the staircase, the stewards and other passengers, they are shouting 'stop, stop, stop', so I ended up squashed on the staircase, people were falling over, people fainting crying, there were little kids clinging on to the back of me.

    "It is absolute chaos, it was quite scary because at one stage we thought we might be trapped there - I heard a pregnant woman lost her shoes and had fallen over."

    Ferried back on to the station platform, Mr Barnett began hearing from others around him about the state of those injured.

    He said: "Someone said there had been an explosion, there was white stuff, someone said there was a lot of wires, one girl outside the station had her leg pretty badly cut up.

    "People were saying there was one man who was singed down the side of his body, including his hair.

    "It felt like an eternity, but it was only a couple of minutes, probably.

    "There were a lot of people taking photos, there was a couple of people taking selfies and I thought: 'What is the world coming to?"'

    CM Callum Main
  65. Olaniyi Shokunbi, 24, boarded the train the bomb had been planted on at PutneyBridge and had been listening to music when he saw people scrambling off thetrain.

    He said: "I thought the train was leaving Parsons Green but then I saw lots of people running up.

    "My first instinct was to get out of the train myself.

    "It's a small station. There's only two exits and a lot of people were struggling over each other. Some people just jumped over.

    "I thought it was an acid attack. It was early morning and people were drinking coffee and I felt some [liquid] on me and I thought 'that better not go on my face'."

    Mr Shokunbi, a fitness instructor, said he had seen people lying on the floor covered in blood.

    He said: "There were people on the floor, there was a little boy, I really felt sorry for him, he couldn't have been more than 11.

    "He had scratches on his head, he was looking for his little brother.

    "I was going to go back into the train station but a woman said 'don't go back in there, there's people on the floor'."

    He added: "There was a woman on the floor. She couldn't breathe. People were screaming and crying."

    CM Callum Main
  66. 18 people were taken to hospital after the Parsons Green explosion, London Ambulance Service said.

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  67. Nigel Holness, London Underground's director of network operations, said: "Ourstaff have worked to assist the emergency services and to ensure the safety of our customers during this morning's incident at Parsons Green.

    "We are focussed on assisting the police investigation into what happened and providing support for our customers and staff.

    "Our Sarah Hope Line is available to offer help and support to anyone affected by this morning's incident."

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  68. It is understood around 10 of the injured suffered from burns. The explosion is thought to have taken place in the last carriage.

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  69. Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said the Parsons Green explosion was caused by the detonation of an improvised explosive device. Mr Rowley said it was understood that "most" of the 18 injured were sufferingfrom "flash burns".

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  70. At around 11.15am primary school children were evacuated from Kensington Prep School, which is inside the police cordon.

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  71. Latest: A huge counter-terrorism investigation has been launched after a bomb was detonated on a packed London Underground train.

    Witnesses described scenes of terror and panic after the blast sent a "fireball" and a "wall of flame" through a District line service at Parsons Green in West London.

    Britain's top counter-terror officer Mark Rowley said: "We now assess this was a detonation of an improvised explosive device."

    Eighteen people were injured in the explosion, with most of them suffering "flash burns".

    CM Callum Main
  72. US President Donald Trump denounced the attack on Twitter saying: "Another attack in London by a loser terrorist. These are sick and demented people who were in the sights of Scotland Yard. Must be proactive!"

    The Met declined to comment on Mr Trump's claim.

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  73. The Metropolitan Police would not be drawn on Mr Trump's comments. "It is not something we would comment on," a spokeswoman said.

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  74. Mr Rowley said the investigation is being led by the Met's counter-terrorismcommand, with support from MI5.

    Speaking outside Scotland Yard, the assistant commissioner said: "There are many urgent inquiries ongoing now with hundreds of officers involved - looking at CCTV, forensic work and speaking to witnesses.

    Asked if it was clear whether the person responsible was on the train at the time, Mr Rowley said: "It's very much a live investigation and we are following down the lines of inquiry as I said."

    He said Londoners can expect to see an "enhanced police presence", particularly across the transport system across the day.

    And he called on anyone with information to contact authorities as a matter of urgency.

    He added: "Finally I would ask the public to remain vigilant across London and to be alert in assisting us but not alarmed."

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  75. NHS England said 22 patients in total were being treated at Imperial, Chelsea and Westminster, Guy's and St Thomas' and the Central London Community Healthcare Urgent Care Centre.

    Of these 18 were taken by ambulance and four self-presented.

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  76. The Transport Salaried Staffs Association called on London's mayor to hold asafety summit following the incident.

    General secretary Manuel Cortes said: "Our union has long been concerned that we are not doing all we can to maximise safety on our Tube and on London's public transport network."

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  77. Home Secretary Amber Rudd has condemned the Parsons Green blast, saying: "Once more people going about their everyday lives have been targeted in a callous and indiscriminate way."

    CM Callum Main
  78. A director of Ride Republic, an exercise studio near Parsons Green station,said armed police led an evacuation of his building.

    Around 15 to 20 people were rushed from a cycling spin class, he said.

    He said: "We had one client come back to our studio after a class at around 8.25am and she said there had been a terrorist incident, she was quite shaken up.

    "Our front of house staff took that in and closed and locked the door. "Within 10 minutes three or four police cars arrived outside the studio.

    "A staff member went outside to check if we should leave and then another police officer came in and said we need to leave now.

    "Someone from the front of house came into the class, which had the music going, and said 'shut off the music'.

    "It doesn't really bed in at that time, people weren't expecting that in Parsons Green. "I don't think anyone was too panicked."

    CM Callum Main
  79. Home Secretary Amber Rudd said: "Once more people going about their everydaylives have been targeted in a callous and indiscriminate way.

    "My thoughts are with all those injured and affected.

    "The police and emergency services were quickly on the scene and I would like to pay tribute again to their professionalism and tireless commitment.

    "I am receiving regular updates on what is an ongoing and active investigation.

    "I would urge Londoners to remain alert and assist the police and emergency services as much as they can."

    CM Callum Main
  80. Jennette Arnold, London Assembly chairman, said: "These cowardly incidentsonly make us more determined to defy anyone who would attack us.

    "Their attempts to disrupt our lives will not succeed and nothing they can do will sway us.

    "We stand firm alongside all Londoners daily - and especially today."

    CM Callum Main
  81. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan told LBC: "There is a manhunt under way as we speak."

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  82. Supermarket Lidl has offered to assist a police investigation into the terrorist incident on the London Underground, after one of its bags was apparently used to hold the improvised bomb.

    The German-owned grocery chain issued a statement just hours after social media photos of the affected District Line carriage showed a still-burning bucket inside a Lidl-branded reusable bag.

    "We are shocked and concerned to have learned of an incident at Parsons Green this morning and our thoughts are with those affected,"

    Lidl UK said. "We will, of course, support the authorities should they need our assistance in their investigations. We are closely monitoring the situation as it develops over the course of the day."

    A spokesman for the supermarket also confirmed that what seemed to be an insensitive tweet, purportedly sent out by Lidl UK's twitter account on Friday morning, was fake.

    Twitter user {M0jesuiscanard appeared to retweet a Lidl UK tweet from 10:32am which read: "We are proud to officially have the strongest bags. Great value for just 10p."

    The user went on to say that the comment was "Bit too soon, Lidl. Bit soon."

    However, Lidl UK confirmed that the tweet was a hoax and a view of its official Twitter account showed no evidence of the purported tweet.

    CM Callum Main