14/09/17 Reverse order Timestamp format

  1. Ben McOwen Wilson: There is no place on YouTube for hate speech #RTSCambridge
  2. McOwen Wilson: We have over 400 hours of content uploaded every minute. We've historically relied on flagging users #RTSCambridge
  3. Brown: The budgets that are going into video haven't come from television. I disagree that advertisers don't care #RTSCambridge
  4. Nicki Brown: The last thing we need to do is offend with content, we're monitoring it carefully & will continue to do so #RTSCambridge
  5. Kelly Williams: If you can't see an ad then what's the point of marketing? #RTSCambridge
  6. Brown: The truth is that there is a lack of transparency across the media industry as a whole #RTSCambridge
  7. Brown: Online is the new player in this and it is even murkier than some of the other channels #RTSCambridge
  8. McOwen Wilson: The price of advertising is up 57%. Brands are looking to engage with 16-30 year olds. #RTSCambridge
  9. Dennis asks: What is the likelihood all ad content disappears? #RTSCambridge
  10. McOwen Wilson: As of the end of this year, there will no longer be non-skippable 30 second ads on @YouTube #RTSCambridge
  11. Brown: I would have to use TV to make people visit an @Argos_Online, now people don't have to leave the house #RTSCambridge
  12. Brown: TV with digital is a massive opportunity. TV has to embrace these opportunities rather than see it as a negative #RTSCambridge