14/09/17 Reverse order Timestamp format

  1. We're back for another day at #RTSCambridge. Next up, @Ofcom CEO Sharon White will be speaking to @KirstyWark
  2. Whatever the day holds a line up of James Murdoch, Karen Bradley and Sharon White is pretty impressive for #RTSCambridge  https://twitter.com/adamsherwin10/status/908259718745006080 
  3. Sharon White of @Ofcom: There's a significant under representation whether it's women, ethnic minorities or disabilities #RTSCambridge
  4. BBC 'in the middle of the pack' on diversity 'ought to be leading the pack' Ofcom boss Sharon White at #RTSCambridge
  5. White: I don't want to crack a whip, but I want this report to be a wake up call to broadcasters. #RTSCambridge
  6. White: I hope to get to a position where we can take sanctions #RTSCambridge
  7. Sharon White of Ofcom says there's "woeful" underrepresentation of diversity at senior level in broadcasting #RTSCambridge pic.twitter.com/4KsXwko5zT
  8. [email protected]KirstyWark: There's a diversity that you can't see and that is of class #RTSCambridge
  9. White: Unpaid internships in my view have a strong potential to reinforce inequality #RTSCambridge
  10. [email protected]Ofcom's Sharon White calls for end to unpaid internships. They have the "potential to reinforce and propagate inequality" #RTSCambridge
  11. Sharon White says today's diversity report is a wake up call to industry for all broadcasters. #RTSCambridge
  12. Sharon White: We should want great ideas in television from people from all backgrounds. #RTSCambridge
  13. White: We formally are able to fine the BBC £250,000 if there is a breach in the conditions we set #RTSCambridge
  14. [email protected]KirstyWark to Sharon White: "Is @Ofcom really qualified to talk about distinctiveness?" [as in new BBC Charter] #RTSCambridge
  15. It clearly isn't right that men and women are paid differently simply because of their gender says Sharon White re BBC #rtscambridge
  16. White: You can't fix what you don't understand. Transparency is vital #RTSCambridge
  17. White: "Transparency creates trust. It's the most important tool in the whole media sector" #RTSCambridge
  18. White: Some people fear transparency, but I think it creates trust with the public #RTSCambridge
  19. White: @Ofcom doesn't take a position on #Brexit. We're discussing with govt about future of non-UK broadcasters based here #RTSCambridge
  20. White: Re: Brexit - Country of Origin principle "single most critical matter" re: Brexit #RTSCambridge
  21. White: The country of origin principle is the issue we're most concerned about re: #Brexit #RTSCambridge
  22. Sharon White's been watching Line of Duty boxsets recently #RTSCambridge
  23. What else are they watching in the White household? "We do #GBBO, £Strictly and Undercover with @AdrianLester" #RTSCambridge
  24. White: the more @tweetcdn's Project Diamond & @Ofcom can work together the better #RTSCambridge
  25. White: @Google and @facebook are media companies, but regulation isn't the answer. #RTSCambridge