USA Votes Election Night

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  1. Hello and welcome to our live blog for the 2016 US Elections! Tonight we will be covering everything from who is winning each state, drama from the potential leaders and all of the news and highlights from our newsrooms at USA Votes 2016 HQ. Join the conversation using the hashtag #USAVotes2016 on Twitter and check in for all the news on our website. Let the battle commence.

    Emily Cox
  2. Not feeling the mainstream media's election coverage? Follow USA Votes 2016 live on television and on radio to keep up with the goings on closer to home. Tom Fisher and Abi Simpson lead the way as television and radio editors and are working throughout the night to get the information to you.

    Emily Cox
  3. Our television team are up and running with De'Graft and Charlotte presenting the information as and when it comes. Remember to use #USAVotes2016 to give us your opinions throughout the night.

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  4. Our electoral expert, Dr Einar Thorsen is expecting a strong win for Hillary Clinton based on recent polls. “I think the popular votes will be fairly close, but in terms of the electoral college votes, she will win fairly handsomely. If you look at the opinion poles, they’re all suggesting a Clinton win, it’s just a case of margin of error.”

    Florida has been highlighted as they key state but she may not even need it: “even if Trump does take Florida, she will take it with the electoral college overall.”

    It seems as though the electoral college could leave Trump with a lot of catching up to do and we’re not convinced he will be able to bridge the gap.

    Emily Cox
  5. POLLS ON HOLD. Azusa in California are on lock down after a shooting in the nearby area. Two people are reported to have been wounded and people are still inside the Memorial Park North Recreation Center where the polls are being held.

    Emily Cox
  6. Our radio coverage has begun! From updates on the lock down in Azusa to the results as and when they are announced, our radio team in the news rooms are ready to break the news for you. Check out our behind the scenes footage and let us know what you think using #USAVotes2016

    Emily Cox
  7. Electoral expert @einarthorsen gave us his insight into who he thinks will win during #USAVotes2016. read more here 
  8. Breaking: Four people injured in poll lockdown shooting in Azusa, California #USAVotes2016
  9. AZUSA UPDATE . It has been reported that two more people have been injured, bringing the total so far to four. "This is a very volatile and critical situation" said Officer Jerry Willison from the Azusa Police Department. They believe whoever is behind these attacks is still at large.

    Photograph from KLTA

    Emily Cox
  10. SHOOTING FATALITY. One person has been pronounced dead at the Azusa shooting. Jim Sciutto reported on Twitter. #USAVotes2016

    Just in: One person dead, three injured in shooting outside Azusa CA polling station, this was view inside during lockdown
    Emily Cox
  11. We have just gone live for @USA_Votes and are now back in the newsroom working on our presenter slot at 1:15am !! #USAVOTES2016
  12. We are surrounded by electoral pundits constantly throughout the night.

    Dr Einar Thorsen is wary of those who have said that they are undecided ahead of the election: “Perhaps the people who are claiming to be undecided are actually Trump voters.”

    However, the numbers of people turning out to vote could prevent that from impacting the end result: “You’ve got to offset that against what is the expected levels of outcome, so it looks like it will be a fairly high turn out, it looks like there’s been an awful lot of early voters, both of which favour Clinton.”

    There has been a lot of emphasis put on making sure that as many people vote as possible and this shows why.

    Emily Cox
  13. "Active shooter heavily armed" says LA Times communication from officials. Occurring after 2pm(10pm UK time), the shootings took place near Fourth Street and Orange Avenue with the police actively looking for the gun wielder. Elementry schools were reported to be on lock down. Follow the story on our website for more details as they emerge

    Emily Cox
  14. We are constantly updating our website which will be filling up with updates and features throughout the night. Most recently our reporter Benjamin Chapman spoke about swing states and if Trump can rely on North Carolina for a successful election outcome?

    Emily Cox
  15. According to ABC News an exit poll has found 37% scared about a Trump presidency #USAVotes2016
  16. Taking the baton for radio at 0015 GMT for @USA_Votes , talking trump and Clinton as well as how the first votes have gone. #USAVotes2016
  17. Trump wins Indiana with 11 votes and Kentucky with 8. Clinton wins Vermont with 3 #USAVotes2016
  18. RESULTS ARE COMING IN. Donald Trump has successfully taken the lead with 19 votes coming from Kentucky and Indiana. Hillary Clinton has won three votes after a success in Vermont. Our television and news teams continue to keep you up to date with all the action as it happens. Use the hashtag #USAVotes2016 to stay in touch with us.

    Emily Cox
  19. Throughout the night we will be communicating with our American team. Luke Hastings, Jason Lewis and Adam Goacher are at Maryland College and will be regularly joining us on television to let us know what the atmosphere is like live from the USA. Tune in to find out more! #USAVotes2016

    Emily Cox
  20. Hear from our pundits Jack and Tom for information on the Trump campaign live on radio now 
  21. Social Media editor Rosie Crass and the social media team are working round the clock to produce high quality content for you to be a part of. Send us your opinions and photos using the hashtag #USAVotes2016 so we can feature you on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

    Emily Cox
  22. If you are looking for an alternative view of the #USelection results then try BU students' all night coverage at @USA_Votes
  23. More from our electoral expert Einar coming through this evening.

    Despite the poles showing that Clinton could take a clear lead, Dr Einar Thorsen believes that recent trends in voting show that the poles don’t ensure Clinton’s success. “We know of course from the Brexit and from the UK election in 2015 that they are often not correct.”

    We’ve already mentioned how undecided voters could be turning the votes in Trump’s favour slightly, but there will also be those who will turn towards Clinton.

    This makes it extra exciting when it comes to the swing states, such as, Florida and North Carolina. The election result is far from certain, expect things to change quickly tonight.

    Emily Cox
  24. @USA_Votes still going strong - enjoyed my little interview about economics too! Hillary got this tho #HillaryClinton
  25. Trumps in the lead with 24-3. Wonder how Hilary Clinton's handling the news #USAVotes2016
  26. Remember to keep refreshing our homepage for the newest stories coming from our reporters who are working to keep you up to date with information as and when it is announced.

    In our latest article, Katie Hill discusses the problems arising from long lines at polling stations.

    Emily Cox
  27. Earlier on today, female voters came together and laid stickers on Susan B. Anthony's grave. The Suffragette leader, who died 14 years before women were given the vote, was respected by people who waited almost 90 minutes to pay their respects and show their appreciation for the Suffragette cause. #USAVotes2016

    Emily Cox
  28. Polls close in Maryland and DC as we edge ever closer to finding out who will win the race to the White House #USAVotes2016
  29. BREAKING. Trump supporter has been arrested after pulling out a gun on voter. Read more on  #USAVotes2016
  30. The online team is waiting for the polls in Florida to finalise #usavotes2016
  31. Our live reporting just announced that Hillary Clinton has taken the lead in the polls. #USAVotes2016 
  32. George W. Bush has not voted for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in this election. Follow the story!  #USAVotes2016
  33. Trump is just 918 votes ahead of Clinton in Florida as of 8:15 p.m. @realDonaldTrump - 48.3% @HillaryClinton Clinton - 47.9%
  34. While Clinton edges just ahead with 68 to 57, Trump has had a success in South Carolina with 57% of the votes. Meanwhile in our news room, media lecturers including Andy Bissell, Louise Matthews and Liisa Rohumaa work around the clock to make the #USAVotes2016 coverage the best it can be.

    Live from the newsroom, live on the web with online editor @snarkmouth - BU journalism students #USAvotes2016
    Emily Cox
  35. Reporting live from Maryland, for @USA_Votes BU journalism student @LukeHastings1 at @UofMaryland ("your students are terrific") #USAvotes16
  36. The TV studio is eagerly awaiting each result as they pile in #usavotes16
  37. Our radio crew are working hard to get the news out to you jam packed with interviews, results and fantastic presenting from all areas. The per-production team are constantly on their toes, keeping everything alive and kicking. #USAVotes2016

    Emily Cox
  38. ELECTORAL VOTES NEEDED TO WIN: 270. Here are the results as it stands now... Clinton: 68 Trump: 66 #ElectionNight
  39. Everyone is a little on edge as we await the Florida poll result... #USAVotes2016
  40. Votes are currently standing at Trump 66, Clinton ahead with a 2 point lead on 68. #USAVotes2016
  41. 1:50 AM GMT and @USA_Votes keeps going! On radio we're currently talking about young voters! Results incoming #ElectionNight #USAVotes2016
  42. Listen to what Stephanie Quon told the radio team earlier this evening about her fear of Trump winning presidency. 
  43. Our radio lecturer Phil Brown jumping into action in our radio rooms as we continue to bring you the best of the best in interviews and news. Currently, Emily Sheppard and Charlotte Petty are in the presenting seat and giving us the information we need! #USAVotes2016

    Emily Cox
  44. There have been many amusing memes and photographs cropping up across the Internet, however nothing quite beats having the ability to EAT the potential President's face. Ali Vitali posted this intricate photograph of a Trump cake. It looks almost too good to eat! #USAVotes2016

    Emily Cox
  45. 65% view Trump as untrustworthy and dishonest vs 59% view Clinton that way - BBC reports from exit poll #USAVotes2016
  46. It's projected that Mississippi will have a Republican outcome... #USAVotes2016
  47. As part of his electoral YouTube stance, Casey Neistat and his team at Beme have created an election app letting voters give their opinions, creating a community of eager people from across the world. Emily Cox reports. #USAVotes2016

    Emily Cox
  48. @USA_Votes Great bulletins coming out of studio 2! Here is Miguel talking to two Trump supporters. #USAvotes2016
  49. Donald trump is in the lead with 123 votes with Clinton on 97. Only a few more hours to go till the final results! #USAVotes2016
  50. Live from Washington DC, BU journalism student @adam_goacher is keeping us all updated with the latest from across the pond #USAVotes2016
  51. Next polls to close at 3am GBT, Florida still extremely close. More updates to follow @USA_Votes #USAVotes2016
  52. So far we've spoken to Washington DC, Florida and Wisconsin correspondents here on the Skype desk for @USA_Votes - stay tuned for more!
  53. The swing states are becoming closer and closer. With one percent in it in Florida we could see a red or blue state anytime soon with 89% of the votes counted. South Carolina and Georgia are also too close to call as Jason Lewis reports.

    Emily Cox
  54. With 89% of the votes counted, we could see a red or blue state anytime soon...  #USAVotes2016
  55. In Florida, with 89% of the votes counted, we could see a red or blue state anytime soon...  #USAVotes2016
  56. @thewillclarke @thewillclarke If it's who we think it is, @MattJamesJoy! Thank you for the kind words.
  57. Did you vote? How are you feeling about the results? Let us know using the hashtag #USEVotes2016
  58. @USA_Votes Here is De'Graft and Matt with the famous Maryland jumper DG picked up during his travels in America! We love it really!
  59. It's all go on the votes! Trump steamrolled through South Carolina turning the state red. With none of the swing states announced so far we are waiting on tenterhooks to see who will be crowned President of the United States. Will we make history and have our first female president? Or will Donald Trump pimp her to the post? Come along and join in the discussion using #USAVotes2016 on Twitter.

    Emily Cox
  60. 4 hours into the coverage, Trump winning in Florida and Ohio. Scary scenes 😬 #Trump #Clinton #USelection
  61. Did you vote? How are you feeling about the results? Let us know using the hashtag #USAVotes2016
  62. The wait for Florida to declare is causing unreal tension in TV Studio 2 right now 😩 @USA_Votes
  63. BREAKING NEWS from our team in Maryland. Trump, for the first time, is seen as a front runner for becoming the President of the United States. Talk of the dollar losing its value follows as it tumbles in the global market. #USAVotes2016

    Emily Cox
  64. The drop in the stock market came after Trump won Montana. Trump currently holds a 66% chance of becoming the US President. While Hillary Clinton wins new Mexico it is still Donald Trump who holds strong in poll position with a 42 vote lead. The Trump team are huddled together in their HQ as the announcements continue.

    Emily Cox
  65. Trump is looking like the front runner, global markets reacting violently @adam_goacher reporting live from Washington DC
  66. Trump looking like front runner, global markets react violently @adam_goacher BU journo student live from Washington DC #USAVotes2016
  67. Mere hours stand between us and the final decision on who becomes the new American President. With Trump winning Ohio with 18 electoral votes this puts him as a fierce front runner for winning the election.

    Emily Cox
  68. It has been announced, Colorado has been claimed by Clinton #USAVotes2016
  69. The atmosphere in USA Votes HQ has been getting more and more tense as we clamber ever closer to the end of the vote counting.

    Earlier we said that the polls don’t always truly represent want will happen on the night and that is the case here. It is looking as though Trump could run away with it thanks to success in the swing states. One of our electoral specialists Dan Jackson has spoken about Clinton’s campaign: “It’s all about the swing states and she was generally polling well in the swing states. She’s not performed as well as the polling suggested.”

    She had an advantage due to the amount of Democratic states that were already secured, but it just goes to show how important those swing states are.

    Emily Cox
  70. Our presenters and TV crew have been working tirelessly to give you the news as and when we receive it. From our studio team to the roving reporters, the US team and further afield we have been able to collate information from both here and across the pond. Join in the conversation by using #USAVotes2016

    Emily Cox
  71. New York Times reports a 93% chance of Trump winning #USAVotes2016
  72. New Hampshire residents Janet and Rick: "We would move to the UK if Trump wins" #USAVotes2016
  73. @USA_Votes Ondrej is happy with his interview in studio 1! Keep the good work coming TV team! #USAVotes2016
  74. Trump has won Ohio. This state has backed the winning candidate in every presidential election since 1964 #USAVotes2016
  75. With Trump winning Ohio, who do you think will steal the presidency? #USAVotes2016
  76. Trump wins Florida. It's actually happening, the US are staring down the barrel of a Trump presidency. @USA_Votes #USAVotes2016
  77. In the last few moments it has been announced that Trump has won Florida with 49.2% of the votes. With this swing state landing in Donald Trump's hand the likelihood of a female president is becoming less likely with the New York Times stating a potential 93% success rate for Trump.

    Emily Cox
  78. The way the American #ElectionDay #ElectionNight is already affecting the financial markets is quite drastic.
  79. A well needed break for Clinton as she wins California and receives an applause from TV studio 3! #usvotes2016
  80. While Trump is still holding strong, the projections are pointing in Clinton's favour with 190 to 172 votes. It has just emerged that Clinton has officially won California. With 16 states left to officially call we are waiting with baited breath to see the outcome.

    Emily Cox
  81. California has been called, Clinton wins and now leads 190 - Trump 172 #USAVotes2016
  82. We've had so much news coming into the newsroom! We've been putting it all up on our website so go and take a look at for everything from the stock market to the winner of Florida.

    RC Rosie Crass
  83. Ellie in Virginia: “You can literally cut the tension with a knife, so many people are terrified" #USAVotes2016 
  84. Go to  to see our Washington Correspondent @LukeHastings1 give live updates from across the pond #USAVotes2016
  85. Stalwarts, 4.21am - BU journalism students running Online coverage & socmed #USAvotes16. @bournemouthuni
  86. Tonight is a very serious affair but that doesn't mean we can't laugh. Especially with tweets like these going round 
  87. As we get down to the wire Trump leads with 222 to 209. 'Women for Trump' posters wave in Florida while Twitter users can't hide their disappointment in the potential up and coming outcome.

    Great night for everyone except women, immigrants, Muslims, LBGT people, POC, the disabled, anyone who was ever bullied... #ElectionNight
    Emily Cox
  88. Trump takes Georgia and his trailblazing continues. While many expected a Hillary win it is becoming apparent that Trump had many more voters than predicted as he ebbs closer and closer to the 270 votes he needs to win. Join in the conversation using #USAVotes2016

    Emily Cox
  89. Donald Trump now has more electoral votes than Mitt Romney got in 2012 (206 EVs)
  90. Hillary can win if she takes Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Nevada, but it looks like Trump is set to win! #USAVotes2016
  91. Mexico Peso hits record lows against the US dollar, BBC reports #USAVotes2016
  92. Kept going with snack bags and copious pep talks from everyone involved, the media teams at Bournemouth University are still going! From live tweeting to constant radio and television content up on our website, we are creating a menagerie of US Election news. #USAVotes2016

    Emily Cox
  93. It's been a long night with a lot of news coming in, but it seems like we're nearly reaching the conclusion of the US Election. It is looking like Donald Trump is going to become the American President and you can look at where the election is being won and lost, with our interactive map showing how all of the states voted. #USAVotes 2016

    RC Rosie Crass
  94. An hour ago I thought it would be too close to call. Now I feel like I'm going to have to get used to the sound of 'President Donald Trump'
  95. If you fancy some insights into what our night has consisted of, why not join us on Snapchat where all the teams have been posting content throughout the night. Just scan the image or add USAvotes as a friend and join the snap journey!

    Emily Cox
  96. How many people will actually leave the United States as a result of a Donald Trump Presidency? #USAVotes2016
  97. Although Trump appears to be winning the majority vote during the election, the Canadian immigration website genuinely crashed earlier on this evening as people began to look into the possibility to moving out of the USA. Do you think this is a genuine possibility for many American citizens? Have your say on our Twitter using #USAVotes2016

    Emily Cox
  98. Live from @LukeHastings :"People of America are shell-shocked, some say they want to leave the country and can't have a trump presidency"
  99. Trump has taken a landslide of victories in the last few moments, taking Iowa, Wyoming and South Dakota. The atmosphere is sombre on a lot of social media this evening, with celebrities and online personalities alike voicing their opinions.

    YouTube personality hannah Hart who has been vocal throughout the election that she has been pro-Hillary tweeted this as the impending Trump Presidency becomes more and more apparent.

    This is a reality check. That's all it is. It's a reality check that tells us there is so much more to be done.
    Emily Cox
  100. Republican candidate Trump wins key states: Florida, Iowa, Ohio and North Carolina #USAVotes2016
  101. While the night has been rocky and full of twists and turns, California also voted for the legalisation of marijuana on their ballot papers. Our reporter Tommy Churchyard tells us more.

    Emily Cox
  102. Clinton has clinched New Jersey but is it too late? #USAVotes2016
  103. @USA_Votes Some very tired presenters but we are going to continue until end! We are almost there. #USAVotes2016
  104. our television and radio teams are still working away as we continue to follow the outcome of the final few states. Currently we are in the foyer with Charlie and Natalie as we discuss how Trump compares to previous US presidents.

    Emily Cox
  105. Donald Trump is known to have solid backing from his family, including his son Eric. Our reporter Hasin Connell spoke of how Eric Trump has supported his father and how this may have helped him to achieve the positive outcome he has had so far.

    Emily Cox
  106. Our TV & radio teams are still working away as we continue to follow the outcome of the final states  #USAVotes2016
  107. 05:45am and @bournemouthuni students are still going strong reporting live coverage of this insane election with @USA_Votes 🇺🇸😪
  108. Our studio one reporter Dan Dove covered the fall of the dollar throughout Asia and how Pierce Morgan tweeted the ominous last words Trump spoke to him before the elections began.

    Trump's last words to me when I saw him in New York in May: 'Well, Piers, see you at the White House.....' #USElection2016
    Emily Cox
  109. Bypassed 400 followers! Thank you for joining us on this journey through the #USElection2016. We're here all night! #USAVotes2016
  110. Still awaiting confirmation of a Trump presidency. Tune into @USA_Votes to hear the final results coming in #USAVotes2016
  111. This team has so much to be proud of. Whatever happens tonight, thank you for everything.
  112. Shout out to @USA_Votes for covering the election with us here at's very early in the morning and they are still going strong!
  113. Live on television now with our American team in Maryland. Discussing how a Trump government may work and how surprising the outcomes have been this evening. Join us on the website and Tweet your views using #USAVotes2016

    Emily Cox
  114. @Joshisapolabear Thanks for your support in this sleepy time and all of the help from you guys too!
  115. News that the Republicans have taken the Senate has confirmed how successful Trump has been throughout these shocking outcomes. The percentages have been close throughout the election however it is obvious that Trump has been pipping Clinton to the post every time.

    Trump is 500,000 votes ahead in Pennsylvania with 98% of vote counted. It looks like it's all over.
    Emily Cox
  116. Many people have been dubious of the supporters Trump appears to have. I'm sure there are not many he would shy away from however the Ex-KKK leader may be a step too far.

    GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP! It's time to do the right thing, it's time to TAKE AMERICA BACK!!! #MAGA #AmericaFirst #LockHerUp #GodBlessAmerica
    Emily Cox
  117. So, yes, there was a silent Donald Trump vote. A big one.
  118. A lot of red eyes among Clinton staff and supporters in this big hall with a glass ceiling.
  119. After expecting to wait hours for Pennsylvania, we have been informed that Trump has won with 20 votes. This means he only needs six more to successfully fill the 270 he required to win as President of the United States.

    Emily Cox
  120. Our final radio broadcast is currently live and we are saying a fond farewell to obama as he leaves us after eight years in office. From driving a car around with James Cordon to assisting in the development of Obama Care he has helped to elevate the USA to new heights and he will be missed.

    Emily Cox
  121. Outside of Trump's election HQ in Midtown Manhattan, pro- and anti- Trump protesters mix. @reveal #ElectionNight
  122. well the riots have already begun on my campus they're all chanting "fuck Donald Trump"
  123. What a night. What a result. Who saw that coming? @adam_goacher apparently. Anyway, well done to everyone in the UK @USA_Votes #USAVotes2016
  124. Trump's win in Pennsylvania means he is the first Republican candidate to do so since 1988 #USAVotes2016
  125. Clinton camp not conceding. They won't make a decision tonight. "Everyone can head home" Podesta tells Clinton party.
  126. John Podesta, the chairman of Clinton's campaign has said: "we are not going to have anything more to say tonight, but it's not over. She has done an amazing job and she is not done yet." Saying this, they have begun to send people home.

    This may leave a sour taste in the mouths of many Clinton supporters as it is clear Trump has won over the crowds.

    Emily Cox
  127. Chairman of Clinton's campaign:"we're not going to have anything more to say tonight but it's not over"  #USAVotes2016
  128. And we say goodnight to our live stream of radio and television. A huge well done to everyone involved and congratulations on the tremendous amount of work everyone has put in throughout the night. You can still find our online team waiting for the very obvious outcome of this election.

    Emily Cox
  129. Thank you television & radio teams for a wonderful job tonight! Thank you for tuning in and stay with us for the aftermath. #USAVotes2016
  130. And that's a wrap! Thank you so much for tuning in to our outlets be it Twitter, Facebook, the live blog or our television/radio feeds. We have had an incredible time and could not have done it without your input and help along the way. Even with an unpredictable outcome the night has been historic. See you in five years!

    Emily Cox
  131. BREAKING NEWS: Donald trump set to become the 45th president of the United States of America #USAVotes2016
  132. That's us closing off for the night. Well done team & thanks everyone for tuning in! It's been tense, now bring on the future #USAVotes2016