26/09/16 Reverse order Timestamp format

  1. Jay Hunt: BBC lost Bake Off, Channel 4 didn't take Bake Off, I think it's really important to have that out there #RTSconf
  2. Purnell: From a PSB point of view the #BakeOff events show us a real chasm between the way the BBC and Channel 4 are both regulated #RTSconf
  3. Purnell: We think there should be some tightening up on Channel 4's regulation, but not as much as ours #RTSconf
  4. Hunt: The #Paralympics were huge loss leaders for us, but very important for our remit #RTSconf
  5. Rosberg: For drama we never do more than 3 or 4 seasons. We don't change the main writer. If they run dry we close the show #RTSconf
  6. [email protected]jimpurnell: We believe very strongly in the competition of the PSB market, C4 has always kept BBC on its toes #RTSconf
  7. Maggioni: We at RAI recently opened up a website where you can share ideas and get in touch with us, it's more transparent #RTSconf
  8. Rosberg: It's a way of always getting new talent in - a very natural ecosystem #RTSconf
  9. Jay Hunt: It is a total misrepresentation that Channel 4 is not regulated #RTSconf
  10. Purnell: There should be another look at whether the regulation balance is right, should Channel 4 be able to do what it wants? #RTSconf
  11. Purnell: If we don't have the ability to produce our own IP, in ten years' time you will have a much weaker BBC #RTSconf
  12. Hunt: After a fraught relationship, producers decided they would no longer make Bake Off for the BBC. I would look at why that was #RTSconf
  13. "I'm sorry you are pained for losing a big franchise, but a producer came on the market and we took an opportunity" Hunt to Purnell #RTSconf
  14. Maggioni: PSBs must preserve those distinct values that can't be done by anyone else. But that's not about being against the market #RTSconf
  15. Our next session is a keynote speech from @MattHancockMP, Minister of State for Digital and Culture #RTSconf
  16. Hancock: Kids in South Korea queue to meet Peter Capaldi. Crowds worldwide scream for Benedict Cumberbatch #RTSconf
  17. Hancock: The most creative TV shows were made when TV was very young. They were able to experiment freely as there were no rules #RTSconf
  18. Hancock: We are entering another period where people are free to experiment #RTSconf
  19. Hancock: It's ironic that as we watch families on #Gogglebox in front of a TV set, most of us are doing so on a mobile device #RTSconf
  20. Hancock: New Charter requirements on BBC competitive tendering are exciting #RTSconf
  21. Hancock: Your role in defining how we see ourselves and how we are seen abroad is more important than perhaps any other sector #RTSconf
  22. @MattHancockMP @RTS_Now The soft power of British TV as a shop window for the UK around the world. Tech disruption means great opportunities
  23. Hancock: Ideally this room would echo from a range of accents, ethnicities, classes and genders. There is more to be done here #RTSconf
  24. Hancock: The BBC are on track to achieve 14% BME people on and offscreen, ITV meet 14% BME, and Sky has reached its aim of 20% #RTSconf
  25. There's a reason why I am the minister for #digital and #culture. There is a real synergy between art and technology - Matt Hancock #RTSconf