Rahm Emanuel's speech on Chicago violence

22/09/16 Reverse order Timestamp format

  1. Should I ask who was the designated survivor left at City Hall? Feels like White House invading Chicago tonight #RahmSpeech
  2. So...who got an invitation to Mayor Emanuel's invitation-only "public" address on public safety policy? Can someone live-tweet it pls?
  3. Room filling up for Rahm's speech, scheduled to begin at 6. pic.twitter.com/MVAIlMcYGI
  4. [email protected]FLOTUS pal Susan Sher of Daley administration fame just appointed by @POTUS to the JFK Center for the Performing Arts Board @wlsam890
  5. City Council aldermen, department heads all taking seats for @RahmEmanuel violence address pic.twitter.com/saGYyGmutC
  6. Father Mike Boland from Catholic Charities will be on stage with @RahmEmanuel , others
  7. Protesters outside Malcolm X College gym ahead of Mayor's speech pic.twitter.com/ud6JLjvT6s
  8. Benediction form mayor's speech on crime as reporters report. pic.twitter.com/BZWnrUvEKo
  9. Mayor: "today, I want to have a conversation with you about an issue that weighs heavily on all of us" pic.twitter.com/TGCn8yxRFW
  10. Rahm: as big a problem as gun violence is for Chicago, it is not beyond our ability to solve it
  11. Mayor: "today, I want to have a conversation with you about an issue that weighs heavily on all of us" pic.twitter.com/TGCn8yxRFW
  12. "Chicago's heart is torn." Rahm Emanuel unveils new anti-violence, anti-crime plans: WATCH LIVE:…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/779094738020491265 
  13. Many city commissioners and junior staff here for speech. Aldermen and their staff too. About 400 ppl in room.
  14. Curbing gun violence now Chicago's "top priority,"@RahmEmanuel says. Read his moving speech.  http://tinyurl.com/gu742mq 
  15. Emanuel: "we need more police officers on the streets of Chicago." A far cry from his insistence in the past that CPD was fully staffed
  16. [email protected]ChicagosMayor says there are 3 paths to confront gun violence in #chicago: enforcement, investment, prevention pic.twitter.com/wjK0V6ROvb
  17. The shooting of Laquan McDonald was the "breaking point" in the relationship between police and community, Rahm Emanuel said.
  18. Brings up mental health, doesn't mention he closed clinics #chicago
  19. #Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants federal agencies to "help us fight crime" but doesn't specify how.
  20. Emanuel says Chicago need helps from federal authorities, and lists a bunch of agencies, but doesn't really say what he wants them to do.
  21. #Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: "Gangbangers know how to manipulate the criminal justice system, they know its weaknesses first-hand."
  22. “We need to stop the revolving door for repeat gun offenders,” says @ChicagosMayor.
  23. After 20 minutes, #Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel hasn't actually announced any major new policies or plans.
  24. #Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: "The best anti-crime program is a job."
  25. Emanuel: the best anti-violence program is a job
  26. From @chicityclerk supporting MRE speech: every extra $ clerk gets “should be invested in human capital.”  http://chicityclerk.com/PSSupportPR 
  27. First real announcement from Emanuel: "We will have nearly $8 million in (a) fund; we will use those resources to invest in neighborhoods"
  28. #Chicago Mayor Emanuel: "To have any chance of stopping them from killing each other ... we have to stop them from giving up on themselves"
  29. Forrest Claypool looks somewhere between uncomfortable and bored sitting behind #Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel during his big speech.
  30. Emanuel: "The danger we face today is that the gangs are serving as the role models, the mentors, and the families for these young men."
  31. BREAKING: #Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announces $36 million to expand mentoring programs.
  32. #Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel goes back to his Four Ps: Policing, Prevention, Penalties and Parenting
  33. I'm in class, students are taking a quiz, they were a bit alarmed by my loud boo-ing in response to this  https://twitter.com/mikelansu/status/779102902543462401 
  34. Odd time for #Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to crack a joke in the middle of his big anti-violence speech.
  35. #Rahm calls #mentoring groups the alternative to #gangs. But when the mayor lists the gangs by name, does he add to their street cachet?
  36. Mayor's speech wrapping up well past a 30 minute mark. @RahmEmanuel
  37. #Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel starts crying while discussing police officer who returned to work after son murdered.
  38. Emanuel's voice shaky when discussing Arshell Dennis Jr., who lost son to gun violence. He found courage to put uniform back on.
  39. #Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: "I pledge my full commitment to this task and humbly ask you for your help. Now let's get to work."
  40. #Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel reiterates more officers, doubles down on stricter gun laws, pledges money for mentor programs
  41. Mayor's speech: new training for cops, more cops, tougher gun laws, jobs, social support for communities. No mention of police reform.