Debating and passing an Illinois budget

30/06/16 Reverse order Timestamp format

  1. #Developing. Budget passes key committee in minutes. No dissent. Rep. Greg Harris sez @GovRauner dropped demands.
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  2. House exec has passed 4 bills making up stopgap. CPS to get "pension parity"/$205m from state for one year only ā€¦
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  3. House Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie: There was growing pressure from all corners to do something on budget. Stopgap is that something
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  5. IL House is in session, but both sides have now gone into caucus on the budget bills. #twill
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  6. When lawmakers and the governor seem to finally be working, everything else had broken down: bathrooms, elevators...
  7. Leader Durkin and House GOP out of caucus; says public pressure helped move deal
  8. Via the Associated Press:

    Illinois lawmakers have started advancing pieces of a stopgap budget deal to keep the state running and fund schools in the fiscal year that begins Friday.

    The House Executive Committee on Thursday morning unanimously passed legislation negotiated between Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democratic leaders who control the General Assembly.

    The full House is expected to vote on the bills later Thursday, followed by the Senate.

    Lawmakers say the deal includes money to fund state services for the next six months. It also provides a full year of money for elementary and secondary education, including hundreds of millions of dollars for financially struggling Chicago Public Schools.

    The state also will begin contributing to the cost of pensions for teachers in Chicago, as it does for districts outside the city.

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  9. Here we go. Illinois House debating stopgap budget bill.
  10. First piece of budget package, SB1810, the budget implementation bill, passes the House 104-6 and moves to the Senate.
  11. 104 voting yes, 6 voting no on the first stopgap budget bill in the Illinois House.
  12. 104-6 yes vote on first stopgap budget bill to hit the House floor
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  13. The amended SB318 would allow Chicago to increase property taxes for CPS; SB2822 funds CPS for FY17 for the teachers' pension fund.
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  14. House-passed BIMP has 1-year extension to internet lottery, 1-year ban on legislative/executive pay hikes, bond-refinancing authorization.
  15. Illinois House now debating SB2822, bill that would give Chicago Teachers Pension Fund $215.2 million next year.
  16. Illinois House passes the CPS pension parity bill 73-37.
  17. SB2822, the pension parity bill that earmarks $215 million for Chicago teacher pensions, passes the House 73-37. Moves to the Senate.
  18. The city pension bill is a one-year agreement and will be dormant after likely Senate passage until action on a broader pension reform bill.
  19. Bill to allow the Chicago Board of Education to enact a property tax levy to fund teacher pensions passes 82-29.
  20. SB318 authorizing Chicago property-tax hike for teacher pensions passes House 82-29 and now moves to the Senate.
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  23. Sandack: to clarify, this is NOT a mandated property tax increase in Chicago. 82-29 pass SB318
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  24. House debating SB2562 creating transit-oriented TIFs in Chicago to let the city capture $800mln in federal funding. Schools not affected.
  25. Unlike the other budget bills, there is a lengthier debate on the Chicago TIF bill. Rep. Riley arguing it needs more oversight.
  26. One more budget bill to go, the big appropriations ones, SB 2047.
  27. CTA-backed TIF bill passes House 78-27-2. Moves to the Senate.
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  29. UPDATE: SB2047 will include almost $1 billion for higher education including a semester's worth of #MAPGrants. #twill #ILBudget
  30. Just one more budget bill left in the Illinois House, SB 2047. That's the big appropriations one for human services, education, everything.
  31. The TIF bill would fund Union Station overhaul, CTA Red & Purple modernizations, Red Line south ext. & Blue Line Forest Pk modernization.
  32. @SnarkyBits Kicking the can, as some like to say. Gets everyone past the election and suggests a potentially big lame-duck session.
  33. Why the delay voting on the stop-gap budget, you ask? Well, an amendment was just filed. šŸ˜‰ #TheyCantHelpThemselves
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  34. So now a new amendment to the stopgap spending bill has been filed. Cross your fingers that this doesn't sink things.
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  35. House about to debate on the big appropriations bill, SB 2047.
  36. The Republicans just requested a caucus before debating SB 2047.
  37. Republicans will now be in caucus "immediately" to "review an 800-page amendment" to SB 2047. And now, we wait once again. #twill
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  38. Republicans requested a caucus because there is an amendment to the appropriations bill.
  39. GOP caucuses in response to last-minute amendment that GOP sources say aims to fund minority-teaching needs. A little lunch-time chaos.
  40. Rauner admin has told HDems that $10 mil in human services grants could be withheld as a result of breaking the approp deal.
  41. After coming to a hard fought compromise/agreement, it is disappointing that one side adds another $10M without even a heads-up? Classy.
  42. Rest of the stopgap package deal passed House, but chamber hasn't voted yet on the actual spending. Republicans caucusing on it
  43. Lawmaker in Black Caucus says they weren't part of negotiations; he needs to stand up for his district just like downstaters.
  44. He says the ask is: more money for Grow Your Own Teacher, diversifying higher education faculty, community college bridge program.
  45. Hearing House Republicans are making their way back to the floor to debate SB 2047 ā€” holdup was a $10M ask from Legislative Black Caucus.
  46. Alas, many members went to lunch...#twill. Stay tuned.
  47. And we're back. House now debating SB 2047 after Legislative Black Caucus added in amendment for $9.3M more in grants.
  48. The delay is over four additions totaling $9.3 million for minority teaching. All found between pp 617-620 in SB2047 ā€¦
  49. On p617 is $2,321,600 for payment of minority teacher scholarships. On p620 is $1,383,700 for Diversifying Higher Education Faculty grants.
  50. On p620 is $1,466,300 for Grow Your Own Teachers Program. And on p619 is $4,136,000 for community college bridge programs.
  51. And everyone is currently just standing around. No debate yet.
  52. @NotoriousJTB This one hasn't passed yet. Rauner admin has signaled it would withhold $10 million from Human Services grants if this stands.
  53. Just announced: SB 2047 taken out of record. Legislators told to stick around after a 10-15 minute break.
  54. Look like one of last arguments before getting first state budget in a year will be over diversity in higher ed. ā€¦
  55. The Speaker took approp bill out of the record. House is at ease for 10 minutes.
  56. Now hearing a new amendment about to be filed by House Dems that will remove those items from SB2047, hence the recess.
  57. Source tells us that the new amendment is being abandoned and Dems reverting to orig. deal  #twill
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  58. Announcement: the rules committee will meet. #twill
  59. Back to our regularly scheduled programming. House is back.
  60. Ok, for real now, House debating SB 2047. The amendment to give extra $9.3M to Legislative Black Caucus has been pulled.
  61. Jim Durkin: It's our last vote on the last day of the fiscal year.
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  62. Speaker Madigan will speak with reporters just after the SB2047 vote.
  63. Budget Director Tim Nuding and Senate members are in House chambers, waiting for the big stopgap vote.
  64. "I just think the people of Illinois deserve better than this," Rep. Franks says before stopgap vote.
  65. Franks: This is so we can avoid the hard questions before the election; this does nothing to fix Illinois' problems ā€¦
  66. Rep Jack Franks calls budget deal 'a cowardly way to pretend we have done something'
  67. As GOP Rep. D. Harris bemoans "silent cancer that is wrecking our ability to move this state forward": overdue bills ā€¦
  68. Rep David Harris says backlog of bills a 'silent cancer.' Says deal today deals w/spending, not revenue
  69. As in, lets the sleeping, HUGE budget bear of court orders continue to slumber and spend undisturbed ā€¦
  70. @mjklim55 Leaving out court-ordered spending is very much intentional, on all sides.
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  72. cmn Craig Newman
  73. Rep. Davis is now yelling at Republicans who he said applauded when the amendment to give money to minority programs was pulled.
  74. But House Republicans say they're just upset at the last minute filing. "You're not supposed to do it this way," one GOP member screamed.
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  76. Dem Rep. Will Davis says he's disappointed "minority communities were not a priority" for GOP, ticked amendment giving programs $ was pulled
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  78. Rep. Will Davis says minorities "not a priority" in budget deal."You may not care about minority communities as much as I do," he tells GOP.
  79. Sandack defending Republicans over the applause; saying the way it was filed was a "breach of etiquette, a breach of trust."
  80. Davis hit GOP for applause when Amdt 4 w/drawn. Sandack denied it was directed at minority group: "Applause was w/respect to the process."
  81. Sandack: "We had better start trusting each other and acting in good faith at all times." #twill
  82. Sandack on budget deal: "It is the best we can achieve at this juncture. It is far from perfect. It's called a compromise." #twill
  83. SANDACK: "It is the best we can achieve at this juncture. It is far from perfect. It's called a compromise ..." #twill
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  84. Rep Sandack calls deal 'the best we can achieve at this juncture' but is 'far from perfect'
  85. Basically the SB2047 debate is fluctuating between thank yous and relief, to accusations and then more speeches defending them. #twill
  86. Basically the SB2047 debate is fluctuating between thank yous and relief, to accusations and then more speeches defending them. #twill
  87. Rep. Kay just said there was a "gentleman's agreement." Flynn Currie is correcting that oversight, considering some ladies were involved ; )
  88. Rep Kay speaks with copy of 800-page budget bill on his desk
  89. Rep Kay speaks with copy of 800-page budget bill on his desk
  90. GOP Rep. Dwight Kay: we need trust to go forward; we shouldn't break a deal bargained by leaders, not anti minority ā€¦
  91. cmn Craig Newman
  92. BFC: GOP Robocalls to Dem legislators in targeted districts began hours ago, before this vote. Not sure that's a sign of trust, good faith
  93. SB2047, the guts of the stopgap budget deal, passes the House 105-4-1 and now moves to the Senate.
  94. Media's been told Speaker Madigan will make comments following vote; 105 Yes to 4 no. STOPGAP PASSES HOUSE. ā€¦
  95. Currie says robocalls against some House Dems started two hours ago: "I'm not sure I consider that a sign of trust and good faith."
  96. SB 2047 passes the House - appropriations to pay for stopgap budget. 105-4
    cmn Craig Newman
  97. Now, closing remarks from House leaders. So, this will be it this summer. Fall session schedule going out shortly.
  98. Speaker Madigan: Very important work has been accomplished after good faith efforts, but there is much more to do.
  99. Madigan on floor: "Very important work has been accomplished after serious compromise and good faith efforts. But our job is not finished."
  100. Madigan: top priority's addressing IL's deficit, pass a budget that "meets our obligations" NOT other agendas that hurt the middle class
  101. Speaker: The difference today in why this bill passed; the Governor dropped his demands for "personal" agenda that hurts families
  102. Rep Currie questions how it helps trust that robocalls started in some districts 2 hours ago
  103. Spkr Madigan says today's action 7th time something got done when Gov's personal agenda not insisted upon
  104. Speaker: Rather than focus on agenda that hurts the middle class, focus on a budget that helps. HOUSE ADJOURNS til Speaker calls Reps back
  105. Madigan: "We can achieve compromise. We can pass a budget when the governor's demands relative to his personal agenda... are dropped."
  106. The no votes: GOP - Ives, McSweeney, Morrison Dem - Franks (who is stepping down from ILGA) ā€¦
  107. In lengthy speech, Madigan jabs Rauner by noting how budgets can be passed when he drops "his personal agenda that hurts families."
  108. While ILGA votes on budget in Springfield, a court in Chicago is hearing arguments on constitutionality of redistricting for Nov ballot
  109. Here we go. Illinois Senate now debating stopgap bill.
  110. Senate is now taking up SB2047, marking the only piece of the stopgap budget deal that senators have not already passed this afternoon.
  111. All budget bills have cleared the Senate except for SB 2047; it's being debated right now. #twill
  112. Despite calls for change, package leaves IL's current education funding formula in place, but adds an equity grant ā€¦
  113. Chatted w/ an IL worker when House was debating budget bill who was disgusted w/ legislators giving themselves props for it/doing their jobs
  114. Lightford: "We have to be reminded that we've lowered our numbers at our (higher education) institutions significantly." @dailyherald
  115. Sen. Lightford speaking out against Rauner's reforms; in support of school funding formula revamp AND she wants to get paid. #twill
  116. Lightford: "as legislators we should get paid for the work that we do," it's "wrong for our income to be held for months."
  117. Legislators aren't NOT getting paid, but their paychecks are in the $8B bill backlog, w/ other vendors waiting for state payment, so delayed
  118. Lightford: "We should get paid for the work that we do.And I think it's wrong for our income to be held for months..which is another game."
  119. Sen Sullivan says bill is responsible, but also sets up fiscal 'cliff' after six months because revenue still needed
  120. @GaryStritzel Rauner didn't get his Turnaround Agenda. CPS gets new money for pensions. Universities, social-service providers get relief.
  121. BUDGET PASSES 54-0 Next to Gov Sen Trotter: It's less a stopgap budget, more like a pressure release valve. ā€¦
  122. Senate puts the finishing touch on the stopgap budget deal, passing SB2047 54-0.
  123. Hey Illinois, you now have a temporary budget if gov signs it. Senate votes 54-0. #twill
  124. Rauner and Republican leaders will speak with reporters after Senate session.
  125. Class isn't dismissed yet. "We still have further floor action" Sen. Link says. Resolutions still to come, like one for a fallen soldier :(
  126. The Senate passed SB2047. Now a couple Rauner pen strokes away from having a real, actual (duct tape) state budget.
    cmn Craig Newman
  127. And then my inbox got flooded w/ statements, including one from SEIU, calling the stopgap a "band-aid for Rauner's self-inflicted wound."
  128. Onto the governor. Gov. Rauner and other Republican leaders will hold a news conf. 15 min after the Senate adjourns. ā€¦
  129. Cullerton praises deal despite not seeing "eye-to-eye" w/Rauner: "Today's success fuels my optimism that grander things are in our future."
  130. Interesting caveat for CPS is how delivery of $215 million in pension relief from the state hinges on passage of pension reforms by January.
  131. Radogno: There is no Chicago bailout; affordable, no tax increases
  132. Radogno says the package does not have a CPS "bailout."
  133. Republican Senate Leader Radogno says legislators learned there is no "honey pot" of money to spend.
  134. Rauner thanking Cullerton and Rahm for "creativity" and "flexibility during budget talks. No Madigan mention.
  135. Rauner thanks Cullerton and Emanuel, but no Madigan. Wonder if that closing floor speech by the speaker got under the governor's skin.
  136. Rauner gives shoutouts to Cullerton, Rahm for flexible, innovative ideas. Gov: This is a "bridge" to reform.
  137. Gov Rauner: Not a budget, but a 'bridge to reform'
  138. Governor not giving up on reforms. Cites hope for "grand compromise" between November and January on balanced budget and reforms.
  139. Gov: "I firmly hope that right now we've hit the bottom, that this is the low point" in evolution of Illinois.
  140. Rauner: "Reforms are essential," gov says in renewed push post budget vote. #twill
  141. Gov on continued push for reform in fall: 'We've hit the bottom. This is the low point in the evolution of Illinois'
  142. Rauner OK w/not getting Turnaround Agenda w/this deal. "Our efforts to get significant reforms for the people of Illinois will never cease."
  143. Rauner admits reform agenda depends on outcome of November elections. "Greater balance" (aka more Republicans) increases chances, he says.
  144. Rauner says robocalls targeting vulnerable Dems made two hours before vote are just "part of the process." #twill
  145. Rauner expresses no regrets in tying Turnaround Agenda to passage of a budget when asked if it was a mistake.
  146. Rauner: Nov. 8 vote dictates whether "we stay on the track we've been on for decades" or go in a direction that makes IL "more prosperous."
  147. Not sure Moody's is impressed by today's budget deal. Less than an hour after today's votes, downgrades hit Illinois' public universities.
  148. Rauner expresses no regrets in tying Turnaround Agenda to passage of a budget when asked if it was a mistake.
  149. Illinois lawmakers pass bill to unclog state's budget impasse  via @Reuters
  150. Rauner: Nov. 8 vote dictates whether "we stay on the track we've been on for decades" or go in a direction that makes IL "more prosperous."
  151. Rauner admits reform agenda depends on outcome of November elections. "Greater balance" (aka more Republicans) increases chances, he says.
  152. Budget bills will be sent to governor today, according to Senate staff. #twill
  153. Rauner: "I...firmly hope that right now, we've hit the bottom. This is the low point in the evolution of IL, and now we begin to move up."
  154. Rauner: Deal a "trust-building, relationship-building part of the process. Iā€™m pleased w/the result, but it is not the long-term solution."
  155. The Moody's downgrades hit EIU, ISU, NIU, Northeastern, Governors State and SIU.
  156. @drjaygoble Thanks for the kind words, Dr. Goble. Never a dull moment.
  157. While budget was focus at Capitol, potentially far-reaching legal arguments made at Daley Center, reports @rap30 ā€¦
  158. Watching #ILGA compromise is like weird wedding reception: nice clothes, crazy cousins, long speeches, short honeymoon ahead #budgetimpasse
  159. Diana Rauner's Ounce of Prevention Fund reacts:"Children & families need stability & only fully funded, full-year budgets can provide that."
  160. Gov Rauner at re-opening ceremony for State Museum. Thanks those who helped make it more sustainable.
  161. Election will change very little. Dems may not have a supermajority afterward, but they don't use it anyway. ā€¦
  162. Museum board chair Loren Nevling lauds end of 'the most destructive non-natural disaster' in history of US museums
  163. With Gov nearby, museum bd chair Lorin Nevling lauded end of 'the most destructive non-natural disaster in the history of American museums'
  164. On the day a stopgap passes, a victim of impasse/cuts - the @ILStateMuseum - has reopening ceremony (now w/ a fee) ā€¦
  165. Gov. Rauner has signed the stopgap appropriations bill, SB2047. #twill