23/10/15 Reverse order Timestamp format

  1. Welcome to a drizzly Bramall Lane as Millwall face Sheffield United in the early kick-off.

    Jay Taylor
  2. Shaun Williams was given every chance to make today's side, but he misses out.

    Jay Taylor
  3. Mahlon Romeo, Jack Powell and Alfie Pavey all on the bench for the Lions.

    Jay Taylor
  4. MILLWALL TEAM TO PLAY SHEFFIELD UNITED: Archer; Cummings, Craig, Beevers, J.Martin; Onyedinma, Thompson, Saville, O'Brien; Gregory, Morison

    Jay Taylor
  5. MILWALL SUBS: Forde, Webster, Romeo, Powell, Ferguson, L.Martin, Pavey

    Jay Taylor
  6. @JKelly1882 Mini bus of 14 of my chavies and nephews all in attendance. Yorkshire feds better be nice.Very nice or ill be taking lega action
  7. 15 minutes to kick-off, any predictions #millwall fans? I think this might be the first time this season I've predicted loss - 2-0 SU
  8. At this inopportune time I'd like to point out I predicted 1-1 last Tuesday.
  9. @JKelly1882 id take a point today with 2 home games coming up, would love a 1-1 but I fear the worst not confident of that midfield
  10. @jondavis9 @JKelly1882 I recon we will be ok today. I'm going for 1-2 to us.
  11. @JKelly1882 Fear for us today. Weakest starting XI we have fielded this season for a number of reasons. Think we'll lose and big: 5 or 4-1
  12. Half of you think #millwall are going to get hammered, the other half think an away win by one goal.
  13. @Delusional_hope @JKelly1882 No - we like being under dogs. Time for the kids to show what they are about.
  14. Incredibly (just did a quick check) there's never been a 0-0 in this fixture in 48 games...  https://twitter.com/AshSheehan89/status/657877233386803200 
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think there's never been a 0-0 draw between #millwall and Sheffield United in 48 games.
  16. O'Brien on the left for #millwall, Fred on the right.
  17. O'Brien with his first touch and he wins a throw. So based on that stat this is definitely not going to finish scoreless...
  18. 4-4-2 or @SUFC_tweets today as well as Archer gets second touch and clears... and Fred had loads of space right of box but shoots wide.
  19. Little ball over the top for Gregory and he wins a corner for #millwall
  20. Thompson with his first touch and tries to find Morison but ball goes out of play. Bit scrappy so far.
  21. ... which Beevers climbs and meets but heads wide. He's got four already this season.
  22. O'Brien wriggles through to try a left-footed shot but it skews off his foot and goes well wide. #millwall
  23. Che Adams comes close to opening the scoring as his shot clips the outside of Archer's post. #millwall
  24. United again trying to get in behind and Craig has to scamper back to clear. 10 mins - @SUFC_tweets 0-0 #millwall
  25. Front two look really dangerous for the home side, Craig and Beevers going to have their hands full.
  26. United attack again down right and have a free after Martin took out Campbell-Ryce...
  27. ... and #millwall clear. United have a number of pacy threats along the forward line... and Sharp is creating when he drops of the front.
  28. Craig blocks Basham's shot! That was on the way in after more good work from Sharp and C-R
  29. Sharp already relishing his battle with Beevers. This could be a long early afternoon for #millwall ...
  30. And as I type Gregory has a chance but can't control Morison's cross and it trickles through to Howard. #millwall
  31. Then again Gillingham had fewest passes v Scunthorpe but won 2-1 and are top of the league. #millwall
  32. Morison wins Craig's long free kick but Gregory can't get to his header. Morison has started well, winning his early headers. #millwall
  33. Sharp again prominent. He's looking really... what's the word I'm looking for? #millwall
  34. Fred looked like he was fouled and he's slow to get up. #millwall fans aren't happy but ref gives nothing. Fred looks okay.
  35. But Howard takes it and launches counter. C-R crosses and Fred does magnificently to track back and back head it away. #millwall
  36. Brilliant covering from Fred. Had he not made that run it was a certainly the opening goal. #millwall
  37. #millwall now with free kick that Saville will take and big boys forward...
  38. Headed away by Collins, back in by Thompson and another #millwall corner... that Howard takes and rolls clear.
  39. Hammond dinks a ball in that Thompson clears. #millwall need to be careful when keeper Howard gets the ball, he's launching quick counters.
  40. And Campbell-Ryce is really dangerous on those.. as Fred goes down the left to win a corner for #millwall
  41. On that goal, Saville's corner went across to Fred, he teed up Cummings for cross and O'Brien back-headed it in off the crossbar. #millwall
  42. Harris now having a few words with the ref who tells hit 'shut it!'
  43. Saville shot from 22 yards saved, O'Brien gets it back in but Gregory's header is too weak. #millwall
  44. Gregory is getting chances in the box but really needs a surer touch. #millwall
  45. Fred with a dangerous ball in but it's cleared and then the winger gives away a free-kick and United can clear. #millwall
  46. Cummings positionally a bit off but Craig cover to clear for a throw... then Fred does superbly to carry the ball up the pitch for #millwall
  47. Saville and Thompson are sticking close together as midfield pivot... Thompson bites into a tackle, ball goes across box but only to Fred.
  48. That was dangerous, should have been a better ball in. Fred is having to really work back to help out Cummings. #millwall
  49. Thompson shot takes a deflection, Morison, in offside position, cleverly leaves it go for #millwall corner...
  50. Saville has been excellent, again, and he intercepts on the edge of the box. One minute to be added here - @SUFC_tweets 0-1 #millwall
  51. Saville on it again and tries one from 40 but comes to nothing. Looks a £2milllion player. HT - @SUFC_tweets 0-1 #millwall
  52. Boos around the ground here, for the ref I reckon.
  53. Harris will be thrilled. Adams hit the post early on, but #millwall have dealt well with everything else so far.
  54. Attendance here is 19,617. #millwall fans make up 870 of them.
  55. Jose Baxter is on for @SUFC_tweets for Done who's... done.
  56. Crowd here cheering as ref awards free kick to the home side. That pressure on him could tell at some point...
  57. United with a free kick 35 yards out to the left... #millwall fell asleep and Craig has a massive go at Fred.
  58. #millwall left a gaping space on their right and a better cross from Adams would have put them in trouble. Can't switch off for second here.
  59. Campbell-Ryce hares away down the right, Martin fouls him and is booked. #millwall
  60. Free header for Collins six yards out. It was slightly too high for him but danger again for #millwall
  61. ...but Archer takes it and Fred away...
  62. Saville takes but it's cleared and then the midfielder takes the ball out of play. #millwall
  63. Baxter's playing in behind Sharp now. Harris will be a bit worried by with Adams against Cummings.
  64. Saville flew into a - fair - tackle there, but it briefly threatened to erupt as both benches got to their feet. Noise levels are up here.
  65. Cummings does well to dispossess Adams and he's given a congratulatory smack on the arse by Craig. #millwall
  66. And Campbell-Ryce was almost in behind Martin who had to stretch to intercept and Archer grabs the ball. Home side more threatening now.
  67. Cross comes in but Archer takes and home crowd aren't happy at the speed of his kick-out...
  68. #millwall working really hard in their two banks of four as @SUFC_tweets try to target wide areas. Martin does well to win ball and fouled.
  69. Saville and Thompson have been sensible too. Neither of them have run past the ball thus far. #millwall
  70. Morison does well to force a #millwall corner that Saville will take...
  71. Howard stretches to tip it away and United try to break but Morison gets back for #millwall
  72. Sammon's coming on for the home side for Campbell-Ryce. Martin will be happy enough to see him go. #millwall
  73. Baxter shoots and that's not too far away with Archer beaten. #millwall
  74. Lots of noise coming from the away stand now. (See earlier photo) #millwall
  75. Fred now with a chance to run but his ball assumed Cummings was Usain Bolt. #millwall
  76. Just before that Archer screamed for the ball but Craig cleared and gave it back to United. They worked it wide, Freeman to Baxter.
  77. We could hear Archer's call from the press box. That was a mistake from Craig.
  78. Archer had no chance with the finish, by the way. #millwall sub - Gregory off, Ferguson on.
  79. One of the stewards was slow to give the ball back to #millwall there and Harris gave him the eyes.
  80. Just over 10 minutes left here - @SUFC_tweets 1-1#millwall
  81. It was Ferguson's cross and O'Brien was at the back post to sweep home for #millwall
  82. Cummings clearly gives away corner - CLEARLY! - but ref gives goal kick and with that will need escort home and possibly new identity.
  83. Wow, Beevers rugby tackles @SUFC_tweets forward and gets away with it, before ref awards free kick edge of box... and it's headed wide.
  84. Sammon muscles into the box and wins a corner for @SUFC_tweets ... tense here.
  85. Four minutes to be added here - @SUFC_tweets 1-2 #millwall as L Martin wins a free-kick.
  86. Two minutes of added time to go here as Beevers and then Cummings clear. #millwall
  87. Bit of a flashpoint now as player congregate in centre circle. That'll suit #millwall
  88. Webster is on for #millwall , by the way. Extra height back there now.
  89. Archer gathers and that should be it as mass exodus gets underway. #millwall
  90. What a win in the circumstances. #millwall up to eight
  91. Sharp said after the match yesterday, "It was like a wrestling match" and #millwall came out on top. Reminded me of Harris quote in 2010...
  92. ..."We're #millwall , we're horrible." Harris, Livermore, Frampton putting that stamp on this side.