17/09/15 Reverse order Timestamp format

  1. Up now at #RTSCambridge is keynote with Tony Hall - chair @janemartinson congratulates him for not being an hour late, live tweets @RTS_Live
  2. Hall: We have a really creative, inspiring ecology of broadcasting at the moment #RTSCambridge
  3. Hall: Britain's power is now cultural, not political #RTSCambridge
  4. Up now at #RTSCambridge is keynote with Tony Hall - chair @janemartinson congratulates him for not being an hour late
  5. 'Let me declare a strong belief in the creative British industries' Tony Hall takes to the stage #RTSCambridge #BBC pic.twitter.com/vsvDqEzZHb
  6. Tony Hall - we lost an empire but gained an empire of imagination #RTSCambridge
  7. Hall: 77m Chinese watched the first series of #Sherlock #RTSCambridge
  8. Hall: Sir David Attenborough's programmes generate 1/2 billion viewers and 500 million viewers worldwide #RTSCambridge
  9. Hall: I believe in not a bigger BBC, but a better BBC #RTSCambridge
  10. Hall: To set out the case of how the BBC can manage the "empire of the imagination" #RTSCambridge
  11. Hall: The area around Minsmere now has excellent wifi thanks to the infrastructure needs of #Springwatch #RTSCambridge
  12. Hall: "The choices about our television are choices about country, our values and identity" #RTSCambridge
  13. Hall: Readership of Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall increased by 40% after the TV programme aired #RTSCambridge
  14. Hall: The mass media has a unique ability to shape audience and who we are, reflect who we are as a nation #RTSCambridge
  15. Hall: Over the 24 hour period the average adult will watch over 8 hours in media and communication actives #RTSCambridge
  16. Hall: Shared national culture and identity with shows such as Mr Bean #RTSCambridge
  17. Hall: Television has shaped our memory, from Bill and Ben, to national events e.g. the Royal Wedding #RTSCambridge
  18. Hall: Today the UK is a nation of nations #RTSCambridge
  19. Hall: Television shapes our memories as 25 million people watched the Royal Wedding on the BBC and @ITV #RTSCambridge
  20. Tony Hall - "Television has shaped our geography" as an American I agree and admire #RTSCambridge
  21. Hall: Around 40% of UK Twitter traffic at peak time is related to TV. That's seriously impressive #RTSCambridge
  22. 'TV creativity is smashing and really important' (I paraphrase) Tony Hall preaching to the choir somewhat here at #RTSCambridge
  23. Hall: Our audiences cherish the range of British-made television like Marvellous & Peaky Blinders #RTSCambridge
  24. Hall: Broadcasters reflect that British audiences love British television as the tops five shows include Britain's Got Talent #RTSCambridge
  25. BBC: Look at the clusters of media activity in places like Salford and Bristol and how that's raised local pride #RTSCambridge
  26. Tony Hall: Top 3400 most popular programmes in UK - are British. #RTSCambridge
  27. Hall: "The BBC and the wider television community have been a catalyst for economic growth" #RTSCambridge
  28. Hall: Fewer countries are in better creative shape than the UK #RTSCambridge
  29. Hall: "not many cases where the UK goes toe to toe with the US, but we [television] do" #RTSCambridge
  30. Hall: Over five years total investment in new first run programmes have fallen from £2.6bn to £2.4m #RTSCambridge
  31. Hall: If there were to be a smaller BBC, would Netflix or Amazon plug the gap of original British content? They haven't yet #RTSCambridge
  32. Hall: New businesses e.g. @netflix are unlikely to address the @ofcom problem that there's a decline in UK original content #RTSCambridge
  33. Hall: The BBC's job is to discover & invest in the best British creative content & people #RTSCambridge
  34. Hall: For every pound cut in TV, investment funding goes down 49p #RTSCambridge
  35. Hall: BBC would see any suggestion of "top slicing" as they open the agreement and won't agree to a fall in UK grown content #RTSCambridge
  36. Hall: It's not all about money, it's about the richness of the culture we create. I want the BBC to be a magnet for creativity #RTSCambridge
  37. Hall: We want to be the best commissioners and the best partners #RTSCambridge
  38. Hall: "BBC to become a platform for this country's talent" #RTSCambridge
  39. Hall: Public service platforms must be easy to find in the future, as it is now #RTSCambridge
  40. Hall: We need to guarantee that the British public can continue to access PSB content on a variety of platforms #RTSCambridge
  41. Hall: We rely on the independent sector for some of our best programming, from Happy Valley to Poldark #RTSCambridge
  42. Hall: Continue success in the global market we "must have word-beating programmes" we must think globally to meet expectations #RTSCambridge
  43. Hall: If we feel small companies have great creative potential, we want to offer support & biz expertise #RTSCambridge
  44. Hall: We want to make content through BBC Studios so we can retain IP and reinvest in programmes #RTSCambridge
  45. Hall: "Owning intellectual property allows the BBC to innovate too" #RTSCambridge
  46. Hall: We couldn't launch iPlayer without the critical mass of programmes we've already developed #RTSCambridge
  47. Hall: There must be a level playing field, and we will ensure there is. BBC Studios will operate at arms length #RTSCambridge
  48. Hall: BBC studios will have no more than 15% of the UK production market #RTSCambridge
  49. Creation of #BBC studios critical to strategy: distinctive but not dominant says Tony Hall #RTSCambridge pic.twitter.com/QMTk7zWjYY
  50. Hall: Without BBC Worldwide the licence fee would have to be more than £10 #RTSCambridge
  51. Hall: More than 70% of the funding for national history prog Life Story was commercial #BBCWorldwide #RTSCambridge
  52. "There will be no cross-subsidy from the licence fee." Tony Hall bids to head off ITV and Pact's fears over BBC Studios. #RTSCambridge
  53. Hall: We're launching a BBC Earth channel to India #RTSCambridge
  54. Hall: Our plans will increase BBC Worldwide funds by £1.2bn over next 5 years #RTSCambridge
  55. Hall: Launching a new OTT video service in America, for BBC fans to view programmes they wouldn't otherwise get #RTSCambridge
  56. Hall: "Global markets won't take care of the Britishness of British broadcasting, we have to" #RTSCambridge
  57. Hall: The Britishness of British broadcasting matters. It isn't isolationist or backwards-looking to say that #RTSCambridge
  58. Put this in your House of Cards! BBC plans Netflix style OTT service in the USA @RTS_media #britishfightback
  59. Hall: Received a commitment from the Chancellor amount the price of the licence fee #RTSCambridge
  60. Hall: "@bbcnews is not going head to head with @itvnews at 10pm but we [BBC News at 10] moved into a semi-vacant slot" #RTSCambridge
  61. Hall: The most important voice re: News at 10 is the audience's, and they like watching us at 10pm #RTSCambridge
  62. Hall: Questions what the BBC should be doing e.g. originality and boldness with the money from the licence fee #RTSCambridge
  63. Hall on @jwhittingdale's BBC 10pm news concerns: "It works, I don't know why you'd want to mess around with that." #RTSCambridge
  64. Hall: Cuts to services will be inevitable #RTSCambridge
  65. Hall: We need to crunch numbers on management and organisation before cutting programmes and services #RTSCambridge
  66. Hall: Lighter and creative management is important #RTSCambridge
  67. Hall: Believes in the importance of culture, as how well culture has been translated in Salford #RTSCambridge
  68. Hall: I find it shocking coming from theatre and ballet background to hear that TV writers and directors often don't speak #RTSCambridge
  69. Hall: I think the BBC is too slow at using data to show the broad range of content on the BBC that you can enjoy #RTSCambridge
  70. Hall: It's full steam ahead on MyBBC, our personalised service #RTSCambridge
  71. Hall: Licence fee payers appreciate the broad range of BBC content #RTSCambridge
  72. Hall: Newsnight led on the Kids Company story. We put our impartiality at our core. #RTSCambridge
  73. Hall: The BBC led on the reporting on kids company. He states that he has ok'd the report #RTSCambridge
  74. Short, clear & sharp questions on topics that matter to Tony Hall #BBC from @janemartinson. Great! #RTSCambridge pic.twitter.com/eDKOWoOZLV
  75. #BBC studios needs lighter, creative #leadership & a stronger culture of #teamwork. Peter Salmon the right person to lead #RTSCambridge