17/09/15 Reverse order Timestamp format

  1. Ofcom chief exec Sharon White: when I got to uni, I didn't know how to work without Eastenders on in the background #RTSCambridge
  2. White: Television content is driving the economic and commercial strategy for the tel-codes #RTSCambridge
  3. White: Not being able to live without her mobile phone means, according to @Ofcom, she is 'more digital than her age group' #RTSCambridge
  4. White: I've become one of those quasi-18 year olds who checks my phone before checking my husband is still there #RTSCambridge
  5. White: First objective is to try and separate out governance or corporate governance #RTSCambridge
  6. White: The debate has been pretty generic about the role Ofcom will take in BBC regulation & governance #RTSCambridge
  7. White: I would be uncomfortable for Ofcom to decide the scope of content at the BBC #RTSCambridge
  8. White: Explains what @ofcom do, such as overseeing the BBC's broadcasting standards for this outside its commercial channels.#RTSCambridge
  9. White: The questions that should be asked include what the Charter Renewal looks like and how prescriptive it is #RTSCambridge
  10. White: "Happily discharge the duties that Parliament gives us [...] it's a transatlantic process" #RTSCambridge pic.twitter.com/D8g6z0ynJY
  11. White: Broadcasting standards is one area that Ofcom could expand into, but it would be a big upscaling #RTSCambridge
  12. White: @JWhittingdale to have a fundamental review earlier than previously thought #RTSCambridge
  13. . @JWhittingdale didn’t have direct conversation w Sharon White about @Ofcom terms of trade review but did ‘exchange letters' #RTSCambridge
  14. White: It's not clear to me that the privatisation of Channel 4 is on the agenda #RTSCambridge
  15. White: @ofcom is positive about the success of @Channel4 in the last 2-3 years and areas where they worry about e.g. diversity #RTSCambridge
  16. White: Ofcom is pretty positive about Channel 4 in the last two or three years #RTSCambridge
  17. White: Coming from an economics background, I find the media industry is even less diverse #RTSCambridge
  18. White: You've got to get into schools at early primary level, particularly for girls to increase diversity #RTSCambridge
  19. White: "Have to have diversity reflected back at us in the programme." #RTSCambridge
  20. White: We need more transparency in entrance routes in the media, but also in progression routes #RTSCambridge
  21. White: Sticking point in progress with diversity in the work place in the middle once people have got passed the entry point #RTSCambridge
  22. White: "The diversity issue is not about programming, it's about programming in a non stereotypical way" #RTSCambridge
  23. White: The media has a great opportunity to show society as it is today, not as it was 20 years ago #RTSCambridge
  24. White: We should not confuse independence with a public service role #RTSCambridge
  25. White: Independence is fundamental to the regulator #RTSCambridge
  26. White: @ofcom are independent from government while working with the government without any pressure from them #RTSCambridge