24/07/15 Reverse order Timestamp format

  1. Good afternoon

    Welcome to Nation.co.ke's live coverage of events on US President Barack Obama's trip to Kenya, the first by a sitting American head of State.

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  2. Earlier today

    President Obama has already left Washington and is on his way to Kenya for the sixth Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), the first such to be held in sub-Saharan Africa. See our coverage (Barack Obama leaves for Kenya, Ethiopia trip). He is expected to arrive in Nairobi later in the evening.

    Key roads in the city, including Mombasa Road, Uhuru Highway, Waiyaki Way and Thika Road will closed at various times. Mombasa Road was to be closed from afternoon on Friday to later at night.

    Earlier in the morning, most streets in Nairobi, which are usually very busy on normal days, were nearly empty. Many residents kept off the Central Business District. Some businesses were closed due to the expected disruptions.

    This was Moi Avenue near Tom Mboya's statue at around 8am. The place is normally crowded at such a time.

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  3. The empty benches (blue area) near the Hilton Hotel are usually occupied by 8am.

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  4. At around 12 noon, this Safaricom customer care shop along Moi Avenue, next to Kenya Cinema, had closed for the day.

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  5. Weather update #kiderograss

    According to the Meteorological Department's weather update, sunset on July 24 (today) will be at 6:41 pm.This leaves #kiderograss a few more hours of photosynthesis.

    The Nairobi City County government, under Governor Evans Kidero, has in recent days been on the receiving end of barbs over its cosmetic beautification programme that has gobbled up millions of shillings in taxpayers’ money.

    This photo of a lorry being loaded with "harvested" grass was captured by Nation reporter Eunice Kilonzo at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in the morning, with more of it already being "carpeted" on the bare land around the airport.

    She asks: "Is it perhaps to be transferred to areas where #Kiderosgrass refused to grow?"

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  6. #ObamaInKenya is a blessing

    Evans Matwete at his grocery stall in Mathare slums. He says President Obama's coming is a blessing to the country. Photo by Jeremiah Kiplagat.

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  7. Obama on the way

    Obama is on the way. He passed through the UK airspace earlier in the day.

    We had a very special visitor through UK airspace earlier... @POTUS #FlyFriday pic.twitter.com/mHt0Ao8aNe
    B Basillioh Mutahi
  8. Roads closed

    Major roads in Nairobi have already been closed ahead of the arrival of President Obama.

    The stretch between University Way roundabout to Westlands was closed from 2 pm. A section of Uhuru Highway, Chiromo Road and Museum Hill overpass have also been closed.

    Graphic by Andrew Anini

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  9. “I feel his coming is a blessing because he will shade great light to Kenya's potentials economically in sectors including tourism, technology, business, agriculture and export trade,” said Florence Rotich, a nurse who lives in Illinois, USA. - Florence Rotich, a nurse in Illinois.

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  10. Kenyans in diaspora

    Kenyans in the diaspora speak about President Obama's homecoming.

    “His coming would elevate Kenya to be part of great Nations in the World. Even tourism would return to its glory.” Elias Chesire,a student in Florida

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  11. Obama's motorcade arrives

    President Obama's motorcade, with the two "Beasts" leading, has rolled into Terminal 2 at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  12. B Basillioh Mutahi
  13. B Basillioh Mutahi
  14. B Basillioh Mutahi
  15. Obama speech tickets

    Guests invited to President Obama’s speech at Safaricom Indoor Arena on Sunday queue for tickets, which the US embassy has been issuing since 9am.

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  16. ⁠⁠⁠Nation Reporter John Ngirachu on the Obama motorcade:

    Actually, there are 35 vehicles in the motorcade (not more than 50), among them six school buses and several motorcycles.
    B Basillioh Mutahi
  17. American security officers at JKIA

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  18. Crowded trip to Kenya

    Air Force One will be crowded for once, the Washington Post reports. Twenty House and Senate members are accompanying President Obama on the Kenya trip.

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  19. B Basillioh Mutahi
  20. Fully booked

    All five star hotels in Westlands, Nairobi, are fully booked. Police and the Secret Service have cordoned off Sankara Hotel.

    Elizabeth Merab reports:

    "The only room occupants are from the American embassy. And the hotel is fully booked."
    B Basillioh Mutahi

  21. More from Nation reporter Elizabeth Merab:

    "Heavy security at Kempinski. It's a no go zone. Police ambulances and secret service are the only ones allowed.Museum road locked"

    Chiromo Road already closed. Motorists being directed to Parklands Road.

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  22. VIDEO: Obama's motorcade at the airport

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  23. Things to know about Obama

    Here are 10 things you (probably) did not know about the Obamas. One of them -- It took Obama decades before he finished repaying his student loan. Read about the others here.

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  24. Kenya police prepare to receive Obama

    Kenyan police prepare to receive @POTUS at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Photo: @dailynation's Raphael Njoroge pic.twitter.com/Mx33B1ZdbE
    B Basillioh Mutahi
  25. No taking chances

    Here is Eric Kiraithe, Kenya Airports Authority security manager being checked.

    Photo by Nation reporter Aggrey Mutambo

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  26. B Basillioh Mutahi
  27. B Basillioh Mutahi
  28. Flowers for Obama

    An American security officer with little girl Joan, who it appears will be handing over a bouquet of flowers to President Obama.

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  29. Exciting moment

    #Kenya is all in. I'm excited to see how this unfolds, too. Wish I was in Nairobi right now.  https://twitter.com/dailynation/status/624593646524850176 
    B Basillioh Mutahi
  30. No one spared

    At JKIA, everyone is being screened. Even policemen.

    "Actually no one is being spared...even US officials are being screened"

    Photo by Sunday Nation correspondent Murithi Mutiga
    B Basillioh Mutahi
  31. Only four opposition figures cleared

    Only four opposition figures have been cleared to have a 45-minute meeting with President Obama.

    Nation reporter Isaac Ongiri says initially, the US Embassy allowed a request to meet Raila Odinga, together with Kalonzo Musyoka and Moses Wetang'ula.

    The Opposition later asked for additional numbers but the embassy only allowed Martha Karua to be included.

    On Thursday, the four leaders met to strategise on engagements with President Obama. The meeting will happen at the Serena Hotel.

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  32. The pub that played a part in Kenya's, and Obama's, history

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  33. B Basillioh Mutahi
  34. Waiting area

    The press point at JKIA. Journalists have now been allowed into the waiting area.

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  35. Air operations not closed yet...some aircraft seen departing. One landed about an hour ago.
    B Basillioh Mutahi
  36. JKIA runway clear

    We expect that operations will be temporarily shut in a few minutes ahead of Obama's landing.
    B Basillioh Mutahi
  37. Fixing the lights

    American officials fixing lights at the point where Air Force One will stop.

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  38. No guard of honour

    This is not a State visit so there is going to be no guard of honour. President Obama's is an official trip. There will be some rituals to be performed here at JKIA before he departs, Aggrey Mutambo reports.

    President Obama is also expected to sign a visitors' book. This is to be done according to protocol practices by the Kenya government.

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  39. Arrival imminent

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  40. Clarification

    Even if it was a State visit Obama's arrival time cannot (a guard of honour) can only be mounted between 6am and 6pm
    B Basillioh Mutahi
  41. Set for arrival

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  42. Kenyan airspace

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  43. Airspace shut

    JKIA is all quiet as the airspace has now been shut in anticipation of President Obama's landing at JKIA. He is flying in from the north.

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  44. John Ngirachu:

    Interestingly, we are still able to use our phones. #ObamaInKenya
    B Basillioh Mutahi
  45. Taking your space

    Journalists take their space. JKIA's weather according to the Weather Channel: 21°C. Mostly cloudy...breezing.

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  46. On hand to receive Obama

    American ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec and Auma Obama, the President's sister, have arrived at the arrival area to receive President Obama.

    With them is Joan, the girl who will be handing over the bouquet.

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  47. B Basillioh Mutahi
  48. ALERT: Obama touches down

    US PRESIDENT Barack Obama touches down in Nairobi for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  49. Live coverage

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  50. President Uhuru Kenyatta is here with other govt officials to receive the US president.

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  51. Pleasantries

    Flowers...Presidents Kenyatta andObama in an embrace. Governmentt officials lining up to shake hands. Not seen (Deputy President William) Ruto though"

    Aggrey Mutambo reports

    Write an update...

    B Basillioh Mutahi
  52. Leaving the airport

    Auma (President Obama's sister) is riding with Obama in the "Beast"

    That is it...POTUS has left JKIA...and is now fully in Kenya. Convoy snaking out of airport towards town.
    Other members of the delegation riding in school buses hired for this job.
    B Basillioh Mutahi
  53. That's it for today

    That brings us to the end of tonight's coverage of President Obama's visit to Kenya. The latest story is here.

    We will be back tomorrow for another live coverage of the GES 2015 forum.

    B Basillioh Mutahi