About Liveblog Pro

Liveblog Pro is a liveblogging platform built by journalists, for journalists. It allows publishers to cover a wide range of content — from events, to developing news stories, to Q&A sessions.

Liveblog Pro has been extensively tested with journalists, including those from the Guardian, Trinity Mirror, and the Times. We've really looked at what journalists want from a liveblogging tool, and our conclusion was that it needed to be built around simplicity, reliability and a great range of features.

Jonathan Frost

Jonathan manages the Liveblog Pro team, and is involved in all areas of the business. He's also responsible for the UI.

He has experience working at a range of big media and technology companies, including the BBC, Sky and ITV, and as a graphic designer. In his spare time, he enjoys pretending to be good at sport or getting lost in a book.

You can find him on Twitter @Frost_J or contact him at jonathan@liveblogpro.com.

Joseph Stashko

Joseph handles elements of user experience and community management at Liveblog Pro.

He's a journalist who has worked for media including ITV News and the Associated Press, but is rarely happier than when watching Mad Men accompanied by some good cheese.

You can find him on Twitter @JosephStash or contact him at joseph@liveblogpro.com.

Andrew Fairbairn

Andrew is responsible for all things technical of Liveblog Pro, building the systems and interfaces while making sure everything works together and runs smoothly.

He has experience across web and software development, through research and work with various organisations and companies. He can often be found attempting to rustle up a masterpiece in the kitchen or shuffling through his music collection.

You can find him on Twitter @afairb or contact him at andrew@liveblogpro.com.