Auckland Pride Parade 2015

Dykes on Bikes will lead tonight’s third Auckland Pride Parade, which makes its way down Ponsonby Rd from 7.30pm. It begins at Western Park and travels right down to Three Lamps, in a 90 minute procession.

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  1. Drag duo Buffy and Bimbo will be part of AUT’s Auckland Pride Parade float tonight.

    “AUT is a very strong and proactive rainbow friendly university so we want to give back by showing our support to their students and staff," they say.

    More here

  2. Dykes on Bikes will lead tonight’s third Auckland Pride Parade, which makes its way down Ponsonby Rd from 7.30pm.

    It begins at Western Park and travels right down to Three Lamps, in a 90 minute procession.

    Tens of thousands of people are expected to line Ponsonby Rd for the parade.

    The traditional rev up from Dykes on Bikes will be followed by ‘Te Whanau Uenuku’ which is described as “a Maori world view in association with Drag Kings Aotearoa”. It will also include a tribute to the late Carmen Rupe and Mama Tere.

    In all, there are more than 50 floats, the majority being community groups. These include Rainbow Families, Genderbridge, Body Positive, the NZAF, NZ Trans Rights Movement, the Charlotte Museum and a lesbian entry called “The Dry Land Swimmers”.

    Queer Waikato and Rotorua’s Chamber of Pride will also march, as will groups from Whangarei, Waiheke and Raglan.

    Also marching are police and armed services, while the Fire Service may take part for the first time.

    The Green Party and Rainbow Labour have floats, while Nikki Kaye and Maggie Barry will represent National.

    There are also a number of businesses taking part, include Westpac and Coke, and tertiary providers Unitec and AUT.

    There will also be sports teams like the Falcons and Pirate City Rollers, and an entry from next year’s Asia Pacific Outgames.

    The forecast suggests there may be some light rain tonight.

  3. While one party has been cancelled, there are still plenty of options for people wishing to continue the Auckland Pride Parade party well into the night.

    K' Rd's Family Bar will be open till late with drag shows and DJs.

    The Box in Aotea Square, rebranded XOX Pride for the Auckland Pride Festival, will have a Parade after-party with Pasifika Drummers from 10pm.

    Up the road, K' Rd bear institution Urge will hold its final-ever Saturday night, as it's closing next Friday.

    "It is happening after the Auckland Pride Parade so already we are expecting big crowds from locals and out-of-towners," says co-owner Alan Granville. "It's going to be a very emotional night but we want to celebrate, not commiserate, the end of Urge."

    Lick's Zibung has been touring with Ruby Rose and is planning a girls mini-festival type event in Bali for the end of the year.
    Women's night Lick is being held at new venue, Goldfinch at the Viaduct, from 10pm. Organiser Natalie Zibung says it's definitely the place to be after the parade for women.

    "We actually have two new venues, we launched at Orleans, Britomart in January which will be our regular venue, but for this one in February as it's our biggest party every year we've had to get a bigger venue, so we've landed Goldfinch on the waterfront for Auckland Pride," she says. "Lick is going super strong in Auckland and I'm looking to launch another event different to Lick. Watch this space," she adds.

    The Swagger hip hop party has been cancelled due to its organisers losing their booking. "We did try to find another venue, but at such a late stage we weren't able to," they say, but promise the event will be back.

  4. Balloons, bins and barriers are lining Ponsonby Rd as it’s readied for tonight’s Auckland Pride Parade.

    People are being prevented from parking along the central Auckland strip ahead of the road’s full closure to traffic at about 3pm.

    The GABA Glamstand is taking shape and a few floats are in very early stages of preparation in back streets.

    Vegetable and fruit collection bins are in place as part of the response to the discovery of a fruit fly scare in neighbouring Grey Lynn (see below for more info).

    It’s becoming more and more overcast and very humid, with dark clouds to the north and west.

    However parade director Richard Taki’s forecasters are telling him that although there’ll be rain probably around the Herne Bay area and perhaps over the harbour, there is unlikely to be rain in the actual Grey Lynn and Ponsonby area itself.

    If there is rain it will be just ‘a few spits’ and there is definitely no need to delay or cancel the parade.

    Taki is expecting the first volunteers to arrive and get to work imminently.

  5. Parade director Richard Taki and volunteers outside the GABA Glamstand - prep well underway.

  6. The Ministry for Primary Industries has released a fruit fly message ahead of today's Auckland Pride Parade:

    An isolated population of the Queensland fruit fly has been found in Grey Lynn (Auckland). The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has set up a ‘Controlled Area’ within which the movement of fruit and vegetables is restricted. This is to ensure that fruit flies are not spread.

    Whole fresh fruit and vegetables (except for leafy vegetables and root vegetables) cannot be moved outside of the Controlled Area. Full information about the rules can be found at

    To check whether or not you are in an area affected by movement restrictions – enter your address into our interactive map at


  7. It is still a bit grey but the rain has stopped and the sky seems to be lightening up. Fingers crossed!
  8. Assistant Police Commissioner Allan Boreham will ride a horse as part of the police entry in the Parade.

    He says including horses symbolises the diversity in the police and the strength diversity brings to their work.

    The Assistant Commissioner also admits it looks impressive!

    His horse, Captain, a Bay who measures nearly 18 hands, is a veteran of many parades.

    Boreham's wife is an extremely experienced horsewoman who has helped him brush up on his horse riding skills.

    The horses are being ridden up to Ponsonby from downtown Auckland.


  9. The party is already in full swing in the Glamzone!

  10. Dykes on bikes are revving up the crowd.

  11. The queens have arrived!

  12. Here we go with Miss Ribena and Suzanne Paul on the Glamstand mics. The fun begins!
  13. GNZ
  14. GNZ
  15. The floats are looking good! Rugby players in scrums GALS practicing their high notes,drag queens posing for pictures with ambulance staff, Miss Ribena louder than you could imagine!

  16. GNZ
  17. GNZ

  18. Louisa Wall is somehow putting even more glam in the Glamstand.
  19. GNZ

  20. Len Brown is here once more

  21. We love Sally Whitewoods from Gay Ski Week!
  22. GNZ

  23. Penny Hulse says 'let's celebrate the queer community we all adore!'
  24. GNZ
  25. GNZ

  26. We're about to have the official opening. Here we go .... !
  27. Thanks to the drunken Irishmen behind the media area for the added entertainment.

  28. Len Brown cuts the ribbon with a super camp pair of giant scissors.

  29. GNZ
  30. GNZ

  31. Massive cheers for the Defence Force.

  32. Protestor arrested after jumping barrier. Seems to have been protesting either police or Corrections.
  33. GNZ
  34. GNZ
  35. GNZ

  36. Ambulance staff declared the hunkiest of the uniformed services.

  37. Well Labour and the Greens definitely got the biggest cheers of political parties. Some boos for National.
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  39. GNZ
  40. GNZ
  41. GNZ
  42. GNZ
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  44. GNZ

  45. Darkness is falling. Such a buzz in the crowd.
  46. Whoa Tamati Coffey and the Rotorua crew rockin' it!

  47. Someone is filming with a drone. Can't wait to see that footage.

  48. High energy Pasifika float has the crowd jumping

  49. Buffy and Bimbo on a swing! Ooh la la!

  50. Big cheers for the NZ Falcons

  51. Is this the year the parade found its mojo?

  52. Len Brown, as the last float passes by shooting fire balls into the sky, says "Auckland City more than got its money's worth tonight ... we got a bargain!" He was grinning from ear to ear shaking the hands of everybody in sight.

  53. And that's a wrap! We will have more pictures asap. Happy pride!