By Elena Cresci

The practice Pastille

09/04/12 Reverse order Timestamp format

  1. *testing, testing 123*

  2. Everyone needs a sewing jam - or in my case, right now it's a find-the-batteries-for-my-camera jam. It's aaaall about Herr Peter Fox.

  3. This can't be good.

    @elenacresci Its making your layout go funny
  4. Pastille is a classic shift dress featured in the Colette Sewing Handbook

  5. I'm a bit late to the Pastille party though - February was Pastille's month for the Sew Colette challenge run by Sarah of Rhinestones and Telephones. The round-up was over a month ago! Someone is way, way behind on their sewing. 

  6. No sewing JUST yet, been having a few site issues. 

  7. Pastille is about as classic as it gets. It could be your favorite little black dress, or just the right simple shape to work with a bold pattern.  Sarai Mitnick, Colette Patterns Owner and Designer

  8. Time for some more sewing choons... Definitely in need of some sort of playlist right now.

  9. I chose a purple grapealicious fabric for the practice run of this project. It's been in my stash for an absolute age, it's about time I actually use it! But, by using it, I am committing the CARDINAL SEWING SIN of using quilting cotton in a clothing project. 

  10. I've finished marking the pleats on the front of the skirt, using contrasting thread colours for  folding and stitching lines. On to the back pieces now, this might take a while...

  11. Stitching away... 

  12. Hand-basting is pretty time consuming, as you can tell! Do you prefer basting with a machine or by hand? Let me know in the comments thread on Seamless.

  13. I absolutely love this version of the Pastille dress from Rochelle, in a lovely mint green plus a collar. She's blogged about it over here.

  14. Front bodice darts sewn! It's all go here at Cresci towers. While I'm at it, have another sewing tune, courtesy of Youtube-star Julia Nunes. 

  15. Been wrestling with the facings and darts tonight after a last-minute change of size. It's amazing how long the smallest things take when you're making a dress, isn't it?

  16. I hate arm facings... Tricky bit of maneuvering on these ones. 

  17. Last stitch of the night, the left side seam. Not even done the bodice yet! Times like this I realise how slow I am at sewing.

  18. So here's what I did this evening! I'm rather proud of how well the curve on the armhole turned out. The inside is a bit of a mess, but that's what a toile is for, right? 

  19. And that's it from me! Hope you've enjoyed this little experiment, I've had fun trying out the software. I promise I won't liveblog my sewing anytime soon though...