World Series Game 1 - Cubs @ Indians

25/10/16 Reverse order Timestamp format

  1. Check out the newest member of our World Series lineup! Grab a Nap Attack Turkey Leg from Throwing Smoke in sec 159!
  2. Theo on Schwarber: "He's going to make outs. But we think there'll be a moment when he does something special."
  3. When you're 30 minutes from #WorldSeries Game 1 and you see everyone picking against you. Again. #RallyTogether
  4. It's @JLester34 vs. @CKluber. They've allowed a combined 4 runs in 39.1 #postseason innings this year. Get ready.… 
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  5. Theo on Schwarber: "He had a postseason for the ages last year. Some things transcend standards and routine." 
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  7. But let's not think about this right now.

    A #WorldSeries for the losers in an era that seems only to value winners is anything but sad.  #Cubs #Indians
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  8. While GM in San Diego, Jed Hoyer traded Kluber to Indians in 3 team deal, Westbrook to STL and Ludwick to SD. Trade took place in 2010.
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  12. First guy to reach against Lester (Lindor) is first to steal second. (Ross lost handle on exchange)
  13. Lindor steals as Ross cant get a grip. Got a big lead anyway.
  14. Single and steal for Frankie in the first and you get a taco, apparently, 'Merica. Yer welcome. #RallyTogether
  15. Bases loaded after back-to-back walks. Lester vs Ramirez.
  16. Back-to-back walks have loaded bases with two outs.
  17. Indians take lead on dribble down 3B line.
  18. Tapper rolls toward third for infield hit as Indians take 1-0 lead.
  19. Brandon Guyer had more HBP (20) than strikeouts (17) vs LHP in the regular season. He was hit by a pitch to drive in the Indians' 2nd run.
  20. Our first, all w/2 out: Lindor single, steal Nap BB 'Los BB JRam SMOKES an RBI single Guyer gets hit #RallyTogether
  21. David Ross makes a great play against the screen to catch Lonnie Chisenhall's foul pop, and Lester is finally out of the inning.
  22. At least 50 percent of the fans in Progressive Field seem to be Cubs fans. Enormous representation. "Let's go Cubs!" chant as Schwarber bats
  23. Still an amazing stat/fact.

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  24. After Zobrist's leadoff double, Kluber strikes out Schwarber, Baez. Coghlan steps in.
  25. Three straight Ks for Kluber after Zobrist leadoff double. Coghlan ends inning on called third.
  26. Well, at least Larry Vanover seems to be enjoying himself. I think we all agree that's what matters.
  27. This is Theo Epstein's third World Series. His teams have never lost a World Series game.
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  32. Live look-in to Indians pitching tonight.

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  33. CK's eight strikeouts are an Indians World Series single-game record. We're in the top of the fourth.… 
  34. Eight K's by Kluber (through 3, btw) is already an Indians record for a World Series game.
  35. Lindor back on base (leadoff single in third).
  36. Kluber's eight K's through 3 is a World Series record (7 done by Gibson, El Duque and Randy Johnson).
  37. Lindor baits Lester, then goes, then thrown out at second by Ross. Lindor thinks he was safe.
  38. Someone needs to create a show with Javy Baez swipe-tagging random things.
  39. #Cubs connection: Ross to Baez gets Lindor trying to steal 2nd in 3rd
  40. After all that, cramping Santana limps back to bag and stays in the game.
  41. The Cubs should have just let Kyle lay on the field for six months in Arizona. We'd still be playing game three of the season.
  42. Are you serious...... 10 minute break, with water and Gatorade for a cramp???? Brutal!
  43. @akbussey A A Ron you are better than this, don't do this
  44. Cubs get in their World Series formation. Photo gallery from the Tribune team in Cleveland:
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  45. Dexter Fowler takes the first #Cubs pitch in a World Series since 1945. Game 1 photos:
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  46. So close. We'll take a @kschwarb12 double for his first hit of the 2016 season. #LetsGo
  47. You gotta be kidding. Schwarber! Double off RCF wall.
  48. That was Corey freaking Kluber that Schwarber just got his first big-league hit of the year against -- in his second AB since April.
  49. Jon Lester through 3 innings has only thrown his curveball 1 time and his change 1 time.
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  50. Kyle Schwarber: first non-pitcher ever to get a #WorldSeries hit in a season with no regular season hits #Cubs (assist @theaceofspaeder )
  51. Perez just banged a solo homer off the rail on top of the left field wall. 3-0.
  52. Roberto Pérez, primer jugador de los Indios en conectar jonrón en primer turno en playoffs, con su segundo cuadrang… 
  53. That's more runs in four innings against Lester tonight than he had in three previous postseason starts (2 in 21 IP)
  54. Guys our LDL cholesterol is rising SUPER quickly due to all the salt in our mentions. #RallyTogether
  55. @Indians Hey, at least you can still read yours.
  56. ✅ Hardest-hit ball of 2016 off Jon Lester. ✅ Hardest-hit HR of the #Postseason. Wow, @robperez2015. #Statcast
  57. In 1908, the last time the Cubs won, the salary of all Major League Baseball players added up to $6 million.
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  58. @realsamnorton we see a lot of Bad Twitter. This is Really Bad Twitter.
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  62. [email protected]CKluber has twirled six shutout innings, striking out nine on 85 pitches. We lead, 3-0. #RallyTogether
  63. MLB just announced tomorrow's first pitch moved up an hour to 6, because of potential for rain.
  64. Lester done two outs into the sixth. He gave up leadoff double but leaves man at second after K and fly. Strop takes over.
  65. Two years ago I beat Corey Kluber 1-0....Today, I walked my 2 pugs while wearing a "pug life" t-shirt. Life comes at you fast.
  66. Due to the threat of rain, #WorldSeries Game 2 will start at 7:08 pm ET Wednesday night on @MLBONFOX.… 
  67. Programming note: Tomorrow's first pitch has been moved up to 7PM due to potential rain. Gates at 4:30.… 
  68. That's two hits for Zobrist. And Kluber is done at 6+. Indians haven't announced but look for Kluber to return in G4 at Wrigley.
  69. LHP Andrew Miller takes over, and it looks like Maddon is leaving Schwarber in to face him.
  70. Big Cubs crowd here. Chanting "Ja-vy!" "Ja-vy!"
  71. Schwarber walked. Two on, nobody out in seventh.
  72. Single to left for Javy and bases are loaded for pinch-hitter Contreras, with nobody out.
  73. Russell strikes out. Two out, bases still loaded.
  74. Davis makes the running catch on shallow fly center but brain cramps with Schwarber and Baez hung out to dry on bases. Didn't notice.
  75. Rare: Two guys reach against Miller. Not rare: He gets out of the inning anyway. 3-0 at the stretch.… 
  76. Ross strikes out on checked swing and Cubs leave bases loaded in 7th.
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  78. Just one other WS start like Kluber's (min 6 ip, max 4 hits, 0 BB, min. 9 K) in the @baseball_ref Play Index: Roger Clemens, Game 2, 2000
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  80. Zobrist with third hit of night. Runners at corners, two outs, with Schwarber up. #legend
  81. Remember, goats are good luck. This is too important. Don't be stubborn @Cubs #WorldSeries #FlyTheW
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  82. Schwarber swung through two pitches that would have tied the game if he'd connected. Instead, we go to the bottom of the 8th.
  83. STRONG effort from Miller: He gets out of a tight spot in the eighth. We still lead, 3-0! #RallyTogether
  84. Kyle Schwarber has a ridiculous eye for just coming back. Out there facing 2 of the best in the postseason and laying off close pitches.
  85. Random FYI: Justin Grimm does not believe he's related to '45 Cub manager Charlie Grimm. He had somebody research it.
  86. @CST_soxvan And Cubs' third shutout among 4 postseason losses.
  87. Rondon takes over for J. Grimm. Two on, two out in eighth.
  88. Oh, good. First time I've noticed the drum. The f***ing Cleveland drum. Everyone hates the drum.
  89. I'm old, but I'd be OK with all of these games starting an hour earlier than originally scheduled.
  90. Perez, hitting in the pitcher's spot, by the way, hits second HR of game. 3-run shot makes it 6-0.
  91. Roberto Perez: first multi-HR game out of 9 spot in order in #WorldSeries history #Indians
  92. Segundo jonrón de la noche para Bebo Pérez amplía la ventaja de Indios a 6-0 #WorldSeries #smESPN
  93. Indians players w/ multiple HR in a playoff game: Manny Ramirez Jim Thome Roberto Perez Perez is the only one to do it in the World Series
  94. I'm thinking whoever wins Game 2 wins the series. BIG pressure on Arrieta. #cubs
  95. #Indians catcher Roberto Perez joins Manny Ramirez and Jim Thome as the only #CLE plays to hit pair of HRs in #WorldSeries game. #postseason
  96. Of the 184 AL hitters with 180 or more PA this year, Roberto Perez ranked...181st in SLG (.294)
  97. @LaTroyHawkins32 What, you guys don't think this thing is over?
  98. Cleveland takes Game 1. Reminder that Game 2 starts at 6:08 p.m. CDT on Wednesday.
  99. Final score: Indians 6, Cubs 0. That's back-to-back World Series losses for the Cubs.